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oscilloscope for watching bedini waveforms

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  • oscilloscope for watching bedini waveforms

    Howdy, I have been messing with bedini circuits for a few years and have read on these forums just as long. Im an electronic hobbyist and would like to buy myself a used oscilloscope to watch the waveforms enthuse circuits. can anyone recommend a certain oscilloscope for this? Nothing fancy, just a basic starter scope. What is the minimum MHZ i should start looking for?

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    Originally posted by cactusman View Post
    ... just a basic starter scope...
    To get you going, you could always try the "Winscope" software. Very basic. You would get the triggering points but the spikes would not be well defined at all.

    You'll need a fat variable potentiometer for safety and then feed your signal into one of the two tracks of your sound card. Be very careful or you will blow the sound card. It comes with instructions. Follow them carefuilly.


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      Suggested Scope

      I have found this Hantek model very good. Cost me about £120 and is very capable.

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