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    Hey James,

    It's the absolute quickest way to get a quad-filar air core coil lol. It's not ideal as the white insulation is a bit thick. I'm not sure what peak voltage its is rated for so It might mess with the radiant spike. It's just a test really. I have a full role of 22awg essex mag wire to use if needed. i will be connecting them in series. Will send more updates asap!


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      Hey Joster,

      The ring arrangement looks very neat - looking forward to the completed assembly. The quadfilar winding may not be a necessity for the ZFM as James has shown with his build using a single strand for each coil. Typically we have been working with a total series resistance of 6 ohms. If your resistance is higher, then the quadfilar allows one to easily manipulate the overall resistance by disabling a strand or wiring the coils in parallel. In parallel mode the amperage in the coils shoots up considerably.

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the insulated four strand wire works out. Enjoy the ride...

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