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2017 Energy Conference Review and Comments

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  • 2017 Energy Conference Review and Comments

    Hello to All,

    This year's Energy Conference was truly an outstanding event, in my opinion. It was dedicated to and in honor of the late John Bedini and held at the Eagles Lodge in Hayden, the site of last year's event. The venue remains a comfortable and intimate location with plenty of parking along with the option of a large outside pavilion for fresh air, conversation and chilling out.

    My review this year will be somewhat compressed in contrast to prior years where I tended to go with detail. Best description for the event is WOW! This is not hyperbole - many of the presentations dealt with real machines and solid information. I will break it down by day as time and ambition permit. Here is the first day:

    1. Opening remarks by Aaron M. to set the tone and to honor the amazing contributions of the late John Bedini.
    2. Running an Engine on Water, Walt Jenkins - A very interesting overview of a high efficiency electrolysis process that is ready for prime time - Presentation was more marketing oriented, but well worth the time.

    3. QEG, James Robitaille - lengthy and interesting presentation on the Marathon effort to produce a real machine that incorporates the use of resonance using multiple order harmonics. This machine was demonstrated to the audience but suffered a glitch that prevented a major performance run - James is very, very close to ironing out the little details for this machine. A good video of the machine in self running operation while lighting 1500 watts of light bulbs. Compliments to the QEG team for their excellent effort.

    4. Poor Man's Split the Positive Battery Swapper - RS. Great effort by RS and Chad in assembling and bringing this monster to the Conference with a half ton of swappable batteries to demonstrate the principle. The driving force for the entire arrangement was powered by a solar panel and the Bedini 6 coiler SSG with two separate generator coils. The battery switching in this arrangement is done manually. During the demonstration the unit was producing better than 6 amps while charging the batteries. A valid demonstration of a small home power unit for those out there that are looking for simplicity. The RS team did a great job with a marathon assembly effort to be ready for the presentation. The efforts of Mr. Murphy showed up again with an unintended short that was later repaired. I hope that a short essay on the machine's description and performance is forthcoming from RS on this assembly.

    5. Eric Dollard was unavailable so instead a 4 hour video of the Musical Seismograph was presented - all filmed, compiled and edited by Aaron M. Loaded with musical theory and technical explanation. As expected, the usual detailed technical marathon describing the minutiae of the theory, instrument and finally, a demonstration in the last quarter of the video of the machine in operation. A tremendous effort by Dollard that, at times, boggles the mind and stuns the uninitiated. One senses that there may be history in the making here.

    6. High Voltage from N Machine - Aaron M. an excellent presentation based on the 1831 Homopolar generator and subsequent iterations. By this time my jetlag was definitely kicking in and the manyana attitude was there for this talk and Jeff Moe's presentation. Sorry guys! Thank you Aaron for the well developed presentation

    7. The Gold Magnet - Jeff Moe. Someone (Jeff's uncle, among others) figured out how to accomplish this using well known principles - when you see it work and explained the reaction is duh! why didn't I think of this. Neat demo video! Be aware that the operation of this device comes with a medical warning that is not to be treated lightly. Big Thanks to Jeff for sharing the story and history.

    I hope that others attending the conference chime in to elaborate further on their personal impressions and take aways. Sharing one's thoughts and impressions is an integral part of the conference experience with the goal of attracting more participants. Remember the thoughts, words and ideals expressed in the panel discussions and step forward.


    "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson