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John's 3D Printers for sale

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  • John's 3D Printers for sale

    Hello Everyone,

    By now most of you are aware of John's untimely passing. I was asked to go to the shop last week to help get things sold for the estate. For john 2 was 1 and 1 was none, so I have 3 printers that John had, 2 are brand new, 1 is used. they are as follows:

    DaVinci 1.0 AiO all in one printer new in box, never used. this model has a built in scanner. retails for 499.00 on amazon will sell for 400 dollars including shipping to u.s. addresses - SOLD

    DaVinci Duo Pinter new dual extruder printer. Retails for 399.00 on amazon, will sell for 325 includes shipping to u.s. addresses

    Robo 3D R1 Printer, used in its original box. This is the Printer John used for his Mini motors you saw posted on youtube. it has a large printable area, one of the best for the price. The R1 model has been replaced with the R1 Plus, this was a lead screw modification by the factory for the Z axis. You can get the parts for the mod directly from Robo3D, along with the firmware to upgrade the operating system.

    This is what it looks like, the changes are all internal on the plus

    400 includes shipping to u.s. addresses. this is my favorite printer of the bunch. I own one of these and it is easy to use, and I am tempted to keep it!! -SOLD

    I also have rolls of white ABS that he had stocked, if you want spools let me know, 25.00 each.

    Please send an email to service@ if you are interested.

    John will be missed!

    Tom C
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