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    Just bought an 20 year old 36v golf cart w/ 6- 6v Trojan T 105 batts and was wondering how high people push the voltage on these. All but 2 were very dead and those other 2 were mostly dead. I have awakened 4, they are all swollen from being discharged over winter and it looks like 2 of them are not going to come out of thier deadness I had 2 reconditioned energizer golf cart batts and put them in. So, they all are on their 3rd charging (in series) and was just wondering how high you all push these 6v batteries. Having trouble getting them where I think they should be. Much sulfation I presume. They sure suck up a lot of juice w/o climbing in voltage. Thinking of sizing up a solid state charger just for the cart, ideas on that are most welcome as well. I have a few of my own ideas that may be implemented soon. Currently using a beefed up version of "patricks lite lenz free generator" w/ no cap dump. Many thanks to any and all who comment, Al