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Good And Failed Gas savers tested on older cars

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  • Good And Failed Gas savers tested on older cars

    Under dash fuel miser computer used to test several gas savers in the past. Measurements of tenths of a gallon passing to carburetor. Under carb dual fine screens with nichrome wire heater with gaskets, did not work. The vacuum from intake manifold pulled air and gas way to fast, for system to work. The second one was "Gas cap gas saver". System used fumes from above liquid in tank flowing through the under car vapor containment system to added adjustable brass valve hooked to intake manifold. The cap in back had hole drilled so as one way valve on outside, and hose on interior side went down into tank. Air drawn in by vacuum formed gas fumes, from the bubbling action. The short piece of CLEAR hose of valve to manifold would allow one to see fumes running engine only from the tank. The carb IDLING jet was screwed in tight with screwdriver. Engine stops when tube pinched. Failed MPG because car only needing idling 5% of the time on road. Both water injection and steam injection in summer time actually worked at steady 11% mileage increase. The technique of restricting gas flow from carb TO intake manifold works also at 25%. Momentary Push button on dash , during deceleration's, allows vacuum to pull air slightly above carb float bowl . (like holding thumb on straw of water) The modern cars with fuel injection works also with similar method by relay clicked with MOMENTARY TYPE dash button for disconnecting grounds on all injectors. 25% savings. Small water cell for low efficiency hydrogen gas electrolysis generator also works for 10-20% gas mileage increase using amps draw from battery. The Last unit I tested actually worked and then failed after 3 weeks, as it fell apart due to not being professionally built. Under carb spoked spinner between gaskets and end bearings would make buzzing noise as with increasing /decreasing RPMs. Car had increased efficiency, as it would coast all way through town to driveway without touching accelerator pedal. Tone winding down at engine shut off. That was invented by man who passed away and the wife had sent me all the papers, and local newspaper articles.The fuel/air mixture was improved with the turbulence generated. Engines run on gasoline FUMES VAPORS and air, not liquid gas.