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    Okay so no interest here...yet. Take it from me (or just don't) for GREEN BUILDING these are CHEAP to do. They are NOT as easy to do as the internet would show you they are. However next to having a "cave" to move into these are truely unique INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS as no 2 have to be the same. In an urban area...I can see why it will not work but then again with the advent of everthing from the technology from John Bedini,Paul Pantone,the late Stan Meyers which the majority has been given out ..mostly OPEN SOURCE to try,why not try. If you are here then there is ALMOST no reason for this to be a viable project for some.

    I know that I WOULD build one myself but I am more into being mobile. I use to think that something like this was crazy but then again it is not much different than a ram earthed home....sort of. If the late DENNIS WEAVER could try the least heard of to become self sufficient and green why can't we? I do it ALL MYSELF...with some sacrifice. Nothing is free.....never will be.

    As for HELP....I have a bit more experience in DOING ... construction than most I have seen. Most are "by the book" yet the "book" constantly changes yet there ARE things the book can't touch.....YET! Atleast that is what I thought until recently when a simple man got arrested for .... collecting RAINWATER!

    Let me know if I CAN HELP as this is WRONG!!!!


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      I was against the tires (thought it was too much work) until I actually worked for Mike Reynolds and did it. I would not even think of doing anything else NOW. Your Rammed earth is encased in rubber (tires) so now you can bury it (rammed earth below grade) . They get bermed on the North, West, East sides all the way to the roof. The living spaces of the last 2 I worked on just stay at 69-71 degrees no matter what is going on outside. -20 to 100 degrees. These things heat and cool themselves, harvest their own water, make their own electricity, and process their own waste


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          I think earthships are very a good and fast way of build a place to live in.The recycling of tyres in places like north america and europe is on the hand easier than In 3rth world countries where in most but not all is more hard to get them,because they use them all.. till the iron and this could be a very good solution to the poor people to have an amazing house.This idea from Raynolds is really nice...


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            I consider that earthships are one of the sustainable foundation there are some people using this kind of system And I would say it help a lot to build a new house . Actually I was so amazed with Reynold data and it helps me to gain more idea.
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