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Self running turbine generator

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  • Self running turbine generator

    Stainless Steel easily handles the forces at play.

    A turbine receiving a flow of one litre per second at a force of 9 bar converts into 720 watts electricity.

    Gas expands and increases its force when heated.

    Heating one litre of CO2 from 30*C to 100*C increases its bar force from 64 to 10,000.

    To heat a gas quickly one runs it through hot water.

    To heat one litre of water by one degree Celsius in one second requires 4.56 KW of electricity.

    To heat one litre of water from 30*C to 100*C in one second requires 319.2 KW of electricity.

    By passing 30*C CO2 through the 100*C water the CO2 heats to 100*C.

    Playing safe thats one litre of CO2 per second at 9,000 bar force to a turbine producing 720 KW of electricity.

    Should the boffins be correct as they seperately and independantly claim so. The electrical input needed to heat the CO2 is 319.2 KW of electricity, which in turn produces 720 KW of electricity.

    Some say overunity is impossible yet sciences state it can. How can both be right?
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    What is your prefered method of heating the water?
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      Hello TechiG

      Heating of water is by electric element (Wattlow America). I have not built a working model of this. It was discovered during work using CO2 in first fridge stage turbine operation. The turbine is hydro Francis as CO2 Supercritical is fluid and has all the propperties of a liquid. Turbine stats are 1 litre per second at 9 bar pressure produce 720 watts. Heating stat is flowing water. Litres per minute x temperature x 0.076 KW. Click image for larger version

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        If its heated by electricity then no point of having the turbine.
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          Turbine is attached to the generator supplying the electricity!