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Metal Sphere Water Heater At Low Wattage Input (over unity)

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  • Metal Sphere Water Heater At Low Wattage Input (over unity)

    The unit shown years ago that ran on several 9v batteries, is most probably an oscillator hooked to an AC amplifier hooked to central electrode, with outer metal shell as opposite electrode. The tap / distilled water unit, as dialectic between plates, makes a "water capacitor" , and everyone knows that a small capacitor has it's own self resonant frequency. The water molecules then vibrate producing heat, as continuous reaction increasing. Look up methods of industrial "liquid float level measurement" of vats of liquids. They use the resonant frequency method which corresponds to the level of fluid. The Stan Meyer type process years ago in Ohio used it to make steam heat. Many Patents regarding Hydrogen generation. At low power level input, his water tank vessel would not freeze in winter. Farmers way years back , used to put hose in winter ponds hooked to running air compressor. The bubbling action vibrations kept molecules water bumping into each other for heat friction. The ponds stayed open in winter land. The firm displaying the sphere water heater demonstration accepts approximately open $250 donation, and the plans are free - not sold. Read their company notes. Video seen as You Tube video.
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