Yes , produce your own power. Someone else again, has just duplicated the Meyer hydrogen gas generation cell with LOW power + high voltage, and excessive gas bubbles. He used melted snow which is better than distilled water, as less ionic state and high resistance/ impedance. This allows higher voltage to apply and astounding gas production. See You Tube HHO Resonance With Snow H+H+O-- has higher energy content in ionic state. Resonance With Snow (No electrolyte) The Meyer US Patents ran out some time ago.... in public domain. Concentric stainless tubes 316L type only with about 1mm gap. The higher the dialectic value, the more gas you get. The original Meyer dual bifilar wound inductors were actually resistance type magnet wire (not copper). Frequency of power supply= vibration frequency of electrode pipes = resonant frequency of L and C - (the water capacitor) Jaw dropping results - just like magic.