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    Originally posted by Faraday88 View Post
    Hi Tom C,
    Looking at your attitude it seems you will never be convinced even if the Moon is brought to earth!!!! because you never want to see it any ways!
    next, you also seem to advocate a person who is blindly accusing me even without knowing how much he him self knows..!
    i'm on the contrary saying the same as you are...! you do'nt need a Particle accelerator to prove the concept of Energy from the Vacuum it is proved in a simple SSG!!
    and for those who think 'theory is not techinical it is mental masturbation' they are better at actually doing it...hope you got what i'm refering to. BTW.. Higgs Boson experiment is the acedemic way of EFTV...from your information.
    what am I to be convinced of? That you actually have built a machine, or that you have read so much theory that you dont need to? I dont care if you can quote every noted scientist since Galileo Galilae. What I said was that theory without experimentation is MM......... like running around discussing whether or not gasoline powers a car. And the academics at CERN decided to BUILD something to look for what they had only as theory.

    machine please... how about some pictures of your parts even.

    nuff said....

    Tom C

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      Originally posted by Faraday88 View Post
      You guys are ignorant of the Physics that is speaking out you even know what is Radiant Electricity?
      do your home work ...visit J.bedini's website ....atleast for 1000times...and then talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i'm not misleading any one here..i have made my intention very clear... its just that you guys are impatient. or are pretending to be one. why should i bother to share something that i can if i understand things better...
      Building a Machine is for sure one way to understand things but not the only have to be Intutive in this kind of research.
      you guys are some how determind to slander me all the times..

      and who gave you the right to call me a John Bedini rival...... i have for sure worked more than you can imagine on the Radiant Energy because of Bedini and i consider him My Guru.... do you know who is called a Guru.....go kid take a walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Farday, you are very incorrect! Unless you have built a Bedini radiant energy device there is no way you can understand how it works or what it does to batteries. You see Farday, I've done all of the experiments AND read the theory hundreds of times AND proved the theory ON THE BENCH!!! What have you done? We don't need armchair expert here to tell us what to do. So why don't you just go away and build something and leave all of the real experimenters alone?

      Who are you to say who is ignorant? We don't even know who you are or what your real name is. You hide behind a fake name. I have been on every Bedini Internet forum in the last 5 years and have never heard of you or your experiments, all I hear is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that makes no sense from some guy with a fake name who is pretending to know Bedini technology.

      I'm done with you on this forum until you can post something constructive about the experiments you have done.

      John K.


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        Hi John/Tom C
        Sure... right nowi am involved in some other personal work..but i did promise to show up which i still do...
        just to summarize, i built the Simple SSG of the Patent 6545444 (Capacitor dump), the 3-pole monople (TUV version),
        the Double-decker, and also the Real-Mecoy (i feel i did replicate this one..not sure though) but belive me Tom, i dismanteled all these units as i keep trying other Iterations to understand RADIANT ENERGY PHYSICS. There are other Patents including the E.V Gary motor and Stanley Meyer's WFC which i have extensively worked on since the last 8-10 years now,
        Yes, you are right when it comes to stay focused and produce atleats one and share here....i will soon do that as time permits.
        but in the mean time it is my himble request to you and others in the Forum to stop slandering me and consider me as true a seeker of the good cause that we all are doing to bring John Bedini's years of work into the mainstream accepatance.
        I hope you understand me brother!
        Best Regards,
        'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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          Hi Guys

          This circuit as i see it charges in two ways :-

          A high current pulse , current flows directly through the transistor + inductor into the charge battery

          A high voltage , low curent pulse from the inductor when the magnetic flux contained within the inductor is released.