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  • Tom C
    If we were created by God, so it is reasonable to believe that the God himself was created of something or by someone. Let us leave these philosophical questions aside and imagine that we were created from emptiness.


    you lost me right there. there is an uncaused causality.... call it God call it conciousness, call it whatever. you are right something does not come from nothing. so there is a first cause, a prime mover, whatever. I just cannot run on a philosophical construct based on what is in my mind a falsehood.

    he is there if you wish to find HIM... HE found Me and showed me the secret of the universe. its very simple... its love. love rightness love truth, be compassionate to those who have less than you, always seek to do good not evil. serve others before yourself, give em your jacket if they need one, feed em half your lunch if they are hungry. pray for them so they can be healed.

    help all of us here give them power to run their house and keep the hospital equipment running.

    anyway my ramblings, please experiment we are builders here not just philosophers.

    Tom C

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  • montekristo
    started a topic My philosophical ideas

    My philosophical ideas


    Nowadays it is hard to publish your ideas related with physics when you are not an accredited physicist. Also it is hard to make people find your ideas seriously, especially when your ideas intersect famous scientists’ ideas or theories. And the funniest thing is that those physicians, who are not able to create or even think rationally, are just all talk and no action, they can only mock and do nothing. Conceited fools.


    I thought about some physical principles (in the philosophical sense) and exposed them in my website – ( My Philosophy/Mano Filosofija - Physics (En) ). If my ideas are correct, it is possible to create some useful inventions (which I described). Naturally, to proof my ideas/theories, I must invent them. Well, or at least try to invent them. However, unfortunately I cannot do it by myself due to some circumstances. That is why I am looking for people who have abilities, potential, willingness to experiment.


    If my ideas are successful, I allow patent my ideas/inventions to people who constructed it.

    - I will not discuss my ideas personally. Try (disproof) or shut up.
    - My website has no ads, so there is no possibility to make money. I repeat - I have nothing to advertise, so my website is not SPAM’s tool and I’m not spamming. Unless you think that sharing your ideas about physics in physics forum is SPAM.

    The end.