I am not so certain of my competence in my ability to work with polypyrrole and polyanaline chemistries to know if they would be stable in a highly alkaline environment for years on end, and i dont want to test it hahaha. So i've thought instead of going down the route of making PTFE in 60% ethanol conductive by using Ethanol as the liquid medium in electrochemical colloidal suspension, then condense the solution to the vol needed for making a 60%wt PTFE powder to Ethanol solution, stirring until the PTFE dissolves and sucks up the Ag colloid with the powder. Hopefully with enough silver loading the conductivity will increase enough to make 5% additions of the conductive polymer to electrode materials, will allow for low-resistance composite electrodes. I have the PTFE and ethanol, considering whether to buy a colloidal silver setup and try it out... is this a viable idea?