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building a Proton-Urea battery

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  • building a Proton-Urea battery

    So, the Iron-Air batteries typically are made as Flow-cells, but is it possible to build an Iron-Air solid state gel electrolyte? How would one gel the electrolyte to allow for fast enough ion transportation... hmmmm interesting. Would a basic PVA-KOH gel electrolyte work? Maybe fumed silica and sodium polyacrylate.... gaaaah. I want to build my own battery system, small 24V unit. Ni-Fe chemistries are easier, but heavier and more expensive. Iron-Air has more energy density, lower nominal voltage of 1.28V..... alas, will just have to experiment and try ot both as little test cells i think. Ideally i want to build the Proton-Urea battery, but who has money for Iridium XD wonder if it would work with Ni and Co Oxides instead .... hmmmmmmmmm even more.

    What do you think?