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  • Interesting theory for other particle physics geeks

    Interesting theory for other particle physics geeks, The strong nuclear force is (in general) the repulsive force between nucleons, and when the distance between nucleons exceeds the mean distance of the strong nuclear force, that nucleon(s) is ejected from the particle. This normally happens in the excited state of particles, mostly shown as beta-delayed neutron emission, now there are many other types of neutron emission such as induced fission, spontaneous fission, and spontaneous neutron emission. As well as my favorite photonetron emission (or photodisintergation) where a neutron is forcefully stimulated to be ejected by bombardment of the atom with gamma rays. Digressing, it is reasonable to assume that since "gluons" and "mesons" make up the strong and weak nuclear forces- respectively, and these particles are effected by the quantum spin state of the respective elementary particles, dynamic nuclear orientation can be used to excite the nucleus of the atoms and bring the neutrons to a state where beta-induced bombardment or gamma bombardment could be used to forcefully eject singular neutrons, isotopically altering the atom in question. If such a theory is applied to heavy elements, perhaps one day we could manufacture stable or semi-stable versions of these heavier elements. Such as the fusion of element 20 with element 95, calcium-48 and americium-243. Perhaps during the acceleration of these particles the field they are smashed together within is a "neutron regulating" field. Also, in theory by reducing the drag of the fermions through boson space/time the gravitational and mass constants can be reduced, ergo so to will the strong and weak nuclear forces, even if by fractions of a percent, these changes would be enough to stabilize previously unstable elements and create whole new ones.

    What do you think?