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making my idea into a prototype

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  • making my idea into a prototype

    The chief advantage of the hydro-battery concept is it's ability for user-versatility in how the hydrogen is utilized. It's pure enough for chemistry and lab work, it has enough flow rate to be used in both ICE and FC applications, and can run on any DC or AC input source, ideally from Off-peak PV. Then the energy is safely stored in the device, electrical input is turned off, the tank can simply be plugged in to any required system. Water and electricity are the only "fuels".

    Most definitely the possibility of it overheating is greatly reduced!!

    I am excited for this, will be posting pictures and videos as the project evolves will be posting the activation procedures soon

    The device is limited by weight, sadly, it's heavier than li-ion currently (will change as i advance the tech) but rights now for every 1.6kg of battery device, it will store 300Ah on average it still needs a fuel cell. I am also working on a MUCH MUCH lighter version, it has less storage density but is lighter than Li-ion and has equal storage density (lower average voltage though).

    I definitely have something for a drone-blimp as well. With every additional 1kg of weight is a percentage of power that goes to maintaining the weight and not going to the thrust vector. It can supply anywhere from 12-48+V and over 8 amps. The current is dependant on the fuelcell used, like a 300W fuel cell puts out 36V@8amps and the 1.6kg battery can power this for 2 hours roughly. It weighs 1.6kg without the fuel cell, the fuel cell weighs about 2kg. With all the fans and heat-controlling circuits, without the fans it weighs about 1.4kg. The basics is the standard liters of storage, my battery can store 300L of H2 per 1.6kg of alloy, 300L can power a 300W FC for 2 hours at a rate of 3.6L per minute of consumption. The fuelcell can also be altered to fit your application. Also, the entire thing can come in smaller versions as well you can have all the way down to only 1W if you want. It's best to go for a FC battery system. Such as, if your drone requires 400W of power 250W comes from the FC and 150W comes from the battery, but the battery also has enough storage to safely land the drone in the advent of sudden hydrogen loss.

    What do you think?