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  • an equation that is important to understand

    If the basic relativity theory is E=MC^2

    Where g is the gravitational constant for a given mass,m is the given mass, v is the velocity of the object through space in % speed of light. the equation (mv[%C]) is the Time dilation equation in femto-seconds of a given mass moving at a given % of the speed of light. When multiplying this TD (in femtoseconds) by the gravity constant of the moving mass a Time Dilation Tensorequation forms. where TDTensor=gTD [TD=mv[%C]. This equation tells us that by increasing the mass and/or velocity towards a % of C will increase the mass' gravity effect of lensing of EMWaves and Time as a consequence. Meaning the closer a mass comes to reaching C, and the more massive it is, the greater the Time Dilation effect at the Event Horizon of the gravity field. In others words E=(mc^2)/(gTD[femtosec]) where E in this equation is an objects force AGAINST the flow of time relative to the speed of light. This is a Field Tensor equation for the Space/Time continuum @ C=constant. What do others say to this?

    The point to derive from this is that by DECREASING an objects mass (by interrupting the Higgs-Field friction upon bosons) and increasing towards the speed of light, if the mass stays at g=O then the ability for that object to actually travel at light speed can be reached. Without collapsing under it's own gravitational force, and without breaking the laws of physics. As an object approaches true atomic g=0 the energy required to approach luminal velocities is negligible relative to the ability to traverse interstellar space alive!!

    This theory of the Time Dilation Tensor (just my name for it) Is proposing that it is possible to create a Time Bubble around a craft, along the event horizon of a field effect at light speed. Produced by altering the Higgs-Field Boson interaction.

    The theory is not to define C a universal constant, but as my dream said, is to see the equation as operating in a plane where all the light in that plane is moving at that constant, not that it can't or wont move at a different velocity, but that for the equation to function, it is constant relative to the plane of existence the light is moving within. The equation in my dream was used to show how when an object at a subatomic level is "disconnected" from the friction of quarks within the Higgs-field, mass is reduced. If the mass of an object within space can be reduced to a theoretical of 0, then proportionally the gravitational constant will reduce to near 0 and as such the force inertia upon acceleration is reduced exponentially. If this theoretical event happens, and this no-mass object is accelerated to luminal velocities, the above equation says that the accerlation field will repel time away from the moving object. Thus allowing hyper-luminal travel by warping space along the event horizon of a "time-bubble".

    This equation is important because it allows us to see how bodies of mass effect the flow of time, and what would happen in the fields surrounding the mass, in regards to time flows. This math is imperative for worm-hole creation, teleportation , and super-luminal travel

    in theory if you could accelerate a particle to the speed of light and increase the frequency of interaction between the Higgs-condensate and the fermion quarks you could increase the mass of an atomically small object and, based on the equation, when the velocity/and or mass reach a certain threshold, the field gradients will causing lensing of space time. Einstein's special relativity equations then go on to explain how space warps around a large gravitational mass or fermions at light speed. These equations only begin to describe how time will dilate in either direction, in the realm of femto-seconds, when such conditions are set for the moving fermion "particles". Maybe teleporting particles is an application? By using this equation, by decreasing the frequency of interaction with the Higgs-condensate the over all mass of the fermion will decrease. By decreasing the mass, we decrease the gravitational constant and the amount of inertia imposed on the particle when in motion. Thus reaching luminal speeds becomes far easier. Light speed atomic based

    it could also be said that if such a gravitational mass as a "dark star" is accelerated to luminal velocities the amount of Time Dilation would be in the realm of 15+ minutes!!! If sitting on the surface of the event horizon and looking out, you would see the past, looking forward into the black hole you would probability and infinite information wrapping around the outer surface. In theory if you could create a field hat counter-acts the Higgs-condensate from interacting with fermions, and create a large enough field to be of equal force to the gravitational constant of the dark star at luminal velocity. You would be able to travel into the black hole

    I am giddy for condensates XD The physics and thermodynamics of bose-einstein condensates fascinates me. That is honestly the over-all theory that is accepted on what space is made of. A massive bose-einstein condensate of special particles called Higgs-boson. Because BE-condensates are particles that act as singular atomic unit on a macro-level, the Higgs-boson is really a Higgs-field where fermionic movement interacts with the condensate field to collapse the wave function and generate a particle. In otherwords the Higg's field is a Scalar potential at a subatomic level and only creates particles when fermions interact with the field potential

    The fabric and source of mass in the universe

    and as a consequence of mass, gravity

    so all of these fields are interconnected to each other, creating geometric structure which we call space/time and matter.

    if people besides me find interest, great! That's what it's all about. Look up Frederick Alzofon and his field equations. Amazing concept of negating this mass-gravity effect.