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What are the next logical, and practical, steps to further research and develop this?

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  • What are the next logical, and practical, steps to further research and develop this?

    I believe Robert Lazar IS teling the truth. I believe Dan Burish is telling the truth. I believe human's stumbled (fell, rapidly and with closed eyes) deep into the rabbit hole. I also think that the "gravity amplifiers" ,as Lazar called them, were more advanced "podkletnov" wave generators. Also called UnRuh radiation by some. By taking a superconducting material and bringing it to it's critical temperature and making it such that the material consists of 2 layers (similar to P-N junctions) where the first layer is a superconducting alloy at critical temp and the bottom layer is "standard conduction" and not-superconductive, at the required temperature. When a voltage of over 1,000,000V is applied through a coil surrounding the material (material acts as the core of the coil-solenoid) the material is then placed inside of a Quartz tube of any given resonant wavelength (experiment with material dimensions until a quantum resonance is achieved with coil and material substrate harmonics) The material is placed in the quartz tube with a counter "electrode" that is not grounded, but whose opposite face of the SC material is pointed and exposed to atmosphere. When the "spark gap" between the two "electrodes" is altered, the overall frequency will change. The Quartz tube is then wired with another winding around it which creates a magnetic field parallel to the magnetic field created by the super conducting solenoid. How does this function? Well, in theory when the material reaches it's critical temperature the free electrons orbiting in the "standard conduction zone" will migrate to the "super conducting zone" and concentrate there as a bose-einstein condensate in the form of Cooper-pair bonding. This B-E condensate of negative charge has an active meisner field effect, in that it repels all applied magnetic fields. Both diamagnetic and magnetic. When the voltage is applied the pressure build up within the condensate causes it to "leak" from the material lattice as a cloud around the material. Do to the Applied magnetic fields the BE-condensate is "compressed". The compression of the condensate itself expands the meisner field effect within the walls of the Dielectric housing. The pulsed waves that emit from the tip of the electrode generate a flux within the Higg's-field. These "waves" in 4 dimensions interact all the way down to the sub-atomic level by decreasing the mass of quarks within the field of the "beam" emission. Essentially, these devices do not create gravity or produce a force that is "anti-gravity" they create a field effect in our spatial plane of reference where they "push" away the higgs field. In doing so the drag between leptons and Boson's decreases drastically. Since gravity is a force generated by the displacement of space/time by matter with mass, if matter loses the field that determines mass... gravity is effected as a result. The Moskovium central reactor wouldn't be generating gravity waves XD it simply generated electrons when high energy protons where forced into the metal. The added proton onto the "stable" isotope of 115 would have moved it to 116 which would have decayed and release radioactive particles, and possibly eject electrons. Such a heavy element has an unpredictable nature. However those electrons (whether generated through the alpha/beta voltaic effect or actual electron ejection) could easily be used to power a Marx-like generator to power the coil devices. This is not sci-fi but a matter of fact, assuming a species has access to a dying low iron heavy element rich star. Such as Przybliski's Star which has 16,000 times more lanthanides and actinides than our star.