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    I'd rather just run off my own batteries and use the grid as a backup. The problem with grid-tie (and part of the reason the Australian government has cut back on rebates) is because there is currently no infrastructure for large scale "mom & pop" solar/wind grid-tie setups.
    I believe Perth in Australia sometimes has issues where there are too many home solar grid-tie systems for the grid to handle. The reason being is that your home grid-tie system puts mains voltage back into the grid (e.g. 240v in Australia). This is great for everyone on your local 240v sub-station because what you are putting into the grid your neighbour is probably using.
    But what happens if people on your local 240v sub-station are putting in more power than what is being used? Guess what? The power company has to burn it off somehow because there is nowhere to store it, no way to patch it to another sub-station and no way of transforming it to a higher voltage for wider distribution.
    This is typically an issue in new housing estates, where mom & pop go to out to work all day and there is no one around to use up all the power that is being shoved back into the grid from all the solar grid-tie setups.

    So why not charge up your batteries during the day and use your own power at night when you get home from work?

    But what about the feed-in tariff that pays you more per kWh than if I have to buy it you say? Well, that's a scam. Most power companies around here have locked in the feed-in tariff rate for 15 years, but have they locked in the buy-back tariff? Heck no! In a few years the buy-back tariff is going to exceed the feed-in tariff and the crappy panels they are putting on your roof are going to generate less energy every year, so in a few years you'll be back to where you started.

    John K.

    Bedini method is the first step towards what can be called as a TEMPORAL BATTERY, if we figure out a way to Engineer the Aether or the vacuum to create a SPATIAL BATTERY or a TEMPORAL ARENA with it, we shall figure out the ultimate 'Storage' of ENERGY and 'Channeling' of POWER!!!! how is it like acheiving this? are we in the relam of making the Homogenous Space (one) as a discreate node of realization or of self-evoked experience within each of us induviduals.. just a thought! or put it different is the Bedini-Movement already doing this.....????? Para-philosophy at this point perhaps!
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    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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      I thought I'd read that somewhere before! I wonder what John Koorn would say to this today?

      However, this is not what this thread is aimed at... neither of these statements. It is only for starting from scratch & slowly, cost effectively, building up from there on a limited budget under difficult circumstances where one doesn't even own the property they are living in, not for those with already established solar & grid tie systems. Don't get too lost in thought or in what "might be". This forum is all about a working group where we are utilizing what we have available today in the best possible way & helping each other achieve true energy independence. Let's not get distracted!


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        Sorry if i sounded too absurd..however my intention is to evoke a thought for people who would stumble across similar ideation, some in practice and some when you do your thinkering ect.. it is all but constructive!
        it was just an extension to all what J. K said above.. i'm sure this forum is not a DIY instruction forum either so i equally reserve my conviction
        Thank you,
        'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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          Hi all

          I am new to this site so I do not know if this is covered before, in 1969-1970 I was in the Navy and working on WWII ships getting them fixed up for Vietnam they had two interesting dc to ac converter for high power they used them if the ship motors are not running #1 10 to 70 kilo watts , used a high efficiency dc motor tied to ac generator the overall efficiency is not compared to or even close to new solid-state converters but they are very tough and hard to burn out and they just keep running. #2 used a small dc motor that went to round contact with brushes that went to the battery’s the output set of brushes switched the dc from +- to -+ and back this went to a very big transformer with a tuned primary with a capacitor across it and a coil tied to the output of the dc switching brushes. This motor had a speed regulator on it.

          Note on dc to ac the higher the dc voltage the better 24 - 48 and up.

          When I had a small house running on 4 T105 battery’s = 12V 440 AH or 120 A for 60 minutes I used a bunch of smaller converters 200 and 400 watts and switched the DC to them off when not using that converters, 1 for the TV and vcr, 1 for the stereo system, one for lighting, 1 for small fridge. The standby current is very low or 0 many on some big converters has high standby current and if it burnouts you are dead in the water.
          And the small units are very cheap and if one burns you have the others.

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            Hi oldhat

   you have any photos and diagrams you could share???
            Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho


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              if you wanted it to be could take a back up generator (the kind that run on propane) and just take the propane stuff out and strap a dc motor. I have never looked inside one and i can imagine there are different types but the idea stands....if there is a 120/240 volt generator capable of so many watts that is run by some kind of engine....replace the engine with a high efficiancy motor capable of the correct torque and speed. A few circuits to control everything and you should have power. converting dc into ac seems to complex for it to go off without a hitch but use the dc to drive a dc motor that would run an ac generator! that's my "someday" plan.