Hi all,

I am building a 'Back EMF Generator' whereby a rotor containing 5 magnets rotates past a series of drive/receiver coils and the back EMF created is harnessed to provide both an output and to keep the supply battery charged. This process, or something similar, is the basis of a variety of 'free energy' generators as, for example, in the Bedini energizers. My query is this: I would like to replace the one remaining batery in my circuit (see attached) with a suitable capacitor so that there can be no suggestion when I come to demonstrate it that the battery is powering the rotor. Showing that a battery is providing less than it is receiving from the generator is not easy and pschologiclly it will be more effective as a demonstration if there are no batteries in sight.

Since a battery is in effect a very large capacitor my plan is to replace the supply battery with a capacitor, with a suitable RC constant, such that once the rotor is spun up by hand to start generating power the process can continue as the 'supply capacitor' stores the energy generated long enough to supply the drive coils etc.

The attached circuit is a reorganisation of a circuit that already works and the improvement I am exploring is in the 'Feed Circuit'. I am hoping someone on the forum will have some knowledge or experience in this area.


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