Hello. The fundamental law of thermodinamics is not show real electromahnetic process and don't show the process in Phisical Vacuum (Ether) like the net between the Neclear and Electron in atom, Today we look to this net like the Vacuum or Nothing. but this net have electromagnetic ptopetries. The inertia is the the Scalar function of the Ether (Phisical vacuum) and this function work between the Vector? which we try burn uin ower sistems. The neture try to work opposit of our doing and have active propetries for save the impulsand save the mooving of the mass. The thermodinamics not connect with outside imput power/

The net between the Nuclear and Atom associates for us like nothing but satellite in the space is mooving very long time after the impuls and it's mean that the Phisical Vacuum is the active state net/ This net may keep the moving of charged particles ...if we create the necessary conditions for this