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  • Mr. Bedini,your in box is full

    Hello all,

    John, I'd like to send you a message about Dr. Moray you might find important.

    I couldn't send it today because your inbox is full.
    Can you clear up a slot for me, or PM me an email address?

    Thank you,

    P.S. Feel free to delete it this after.

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    JB does not respond to PM requests if you wish to contact Him post something he will be willing to respond to.

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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      I got some really good news today on the subject. I think I need to talk to John as he is just that sort of person.
      Maybe someone who knows John will send him a private email and have him spend a few seconds looking at the email I sent him though his web site (if he even got it through some normal/usual way).

      And I totally get that about PM's. Up until recently I ran my own site with a forum too with not nearly the traffic this site gets.
      I had a tiny business around it too where I'd have to handle CS issues through PMs. At least 9 times out of 10 the PMs were some BS that I shouldn't have had to answer in the first place and I wasted time in the process.

      Or, maybe if there is anyone else who is an expert on Dr. Moray's work with "dark energy" (or what ever you want to call it).
      Where they understand it to a good degree, and, or, do experiments in the area.
      I don't have a lot of free time/energy (ironic, but no pun intended) either so lets not waste it.
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