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  • End world poverty

    I don't know how many of you enjoying aquaponics are also using John's free lighting. I wanted to do this many years ago but made a game in stead in order to educate people that it was possible to end world poverty. Turns out people want to see it and don't educated easily other wise. In fact most people, even if they did get the entire idea - they didn't think ending world poverty was possible. Turns out I should have spend the money on a green house rather than a 3D printer and all that stuff plus years wasted working on it.

    The google plus aquaponics group is pretty big but other wise still in the DARK about what there target really could be. Eventually some of these free pumping and lighting ideas need to shock the larger aquaponics groups. Anyways - need to sell my house here first and get a place with a yard, make a green house and start on the free lighting and also the free water pumping idea stuck in my head.

    Any one all ready ahead of me wanting to post some pictures here?

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    So the house isn't selling but I managed to get just enought money together for the Bendini window motor and the Fan type design from Renaissance Charge. Catch is the window motor came with circuit and soldered up easy, well until it died about one hour later. The Fan didn't come with instructions or circuit board or any hint of how to wire up. The CD it shipped with the package was missing the header files on every file! I have only see the government run interference like that before years ago. Lets hope Rick would update his videos and make them more functional, I really want to see what this Fan design is capable of. It's only a matter of time before I figure out what's what and then it's aquaponics planning time. If Rick can't get this sorted and someone else can give me the circuit layout, then I will make a video that makes more sense for everyone. When I know what the hell I am doing that is, other wise good to hear one other person is working on the aquaponics and Bedini combination. There are more layers that I would add yet but the two are a must to start off with...


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      Hi TwinGears,

      that sounds like an interesting combination, one I hadn't thought of.

      Sorry to hear about the problems from R-charge. Unfortunately these stories are all too common.

      I'd be happy to help out where I can if you can describe what's the problem with the window motor. Maybe you could also post a couple of pictures so we know which model you bought.

      As for the fan motor, it's really just a two transistor SG circuit with a common trigger. Two opposite windings are in series for the trigger and the other two opposite windings are the power coils. I can't post a schematic, you would need to contact Rick for that. But I'll try and help where I can.

      John K.


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        Thanks John, good to see energyscienceforum is back online. I only just got the wire I needed for the rewinding of the fan coils and didn't even open the box yet. But when I get a chance I will try to work on things and then get some pictures online here is all goes well.


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          Thank you very much


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            Thank you sir.
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                Thank you very much for this. Finally everything back to normal