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its not complicated.... in generator mode the charge battery was full it had topped out almost 16 volts. at that point the primary battery began climbing. let it run watch what happens. it happened in a room of 150 people. after the charge battery is full. for just a moment think about what it would take to shuttle energy back to the front.

Tom C

Thanks Tom for posting this detail - it was missing from the 2 posts regarding this over at EF. I love the new DVD's and recommend that everyone get them - as mandatory for working with the SG. I'll make every effort to be at the next conference! Now I understand what the "information" is that JB is referring to in EFTV Volume 6 where he's giving a one-on-one lecture at the end of the video. I'm referring to what JB says is in the spike when you peer inside... I'll be going through the 4 versions and posting results at some point soon...

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