Time ago I heard of a man who had talked to the only student of Tesla an interesting thing :

Tesla had found a way to levitate things . This discovery can be seen now in the work of John Hutchisson.

The method of Tesla was to put 3 tesla coils in a triangle ... and the objects placed inside the triangle levitated.

The more I learned about plasma the more I explain to myself how this really works.

Plasma creates it`s own electro-magnetic and GRAVITATIONAL FIELD. If you can create own gravitational field inside the Earth`s gravitational field , you may ... levitate things.

So , if you run just 1 tesla coil you create a point of gravity. If you run 2 tesla coils you create a line of gravity. But if you run 3 tesla coils in a triangle , you create a surface of gravity , surface that has it`s own gravity.

Objects placed into that surface levitate , because the plasma field with its own gravity acts like a shield to the gravity of the Earth , whose force pulls things downwards.

Modern military aircraft like Stealth use plasma to increase speed and avoid radar detection. And even more suffisticated aircraft is most likely built secretly with plasma propultion and nuclear plasma propultion.

The facts you can judge for yourself if you see a documentary :
Stan Deyo - Anti - gravity and free energy.

The anti- gravity lifters run on HV are triangular in shape - if you make them line - like there is no way they fly