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Thread: Tesla`s anti - gravity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forrest View Post
    I have been following Tesla and TT Brown all my life. Could not understand why their efforts got buried away until I watched the men who made America. After watching the series about JP Morgan, Carnegie, Westinghouse, and Teddy Roosevelt then it became very clear. Tesla came to America and was verbally contracted by Edison for $50,000 to help fix Edison's DC motor problems. Tesla did this only to be screwed out of the money by Edison. Tesla actually went on to dig ditches by hand after this. Tesla was also a mechanical genius! Then came along Westinghouse who despised Edison and needed Tesla's help so he hired him to fund and develop the AC generator and motor system. A major war developed between Westinghouse and Edison over lighting one of the worlds fairs. Tesla and Westinghouse won the contract to light the fair but Edison stated that that no one could use his light bulb. So tesla designed his own light bulb beating the patent of Edison while lighting the Worlds fair. He did it by making 500,000 bulbs of his own design and got this all done in less than one year. After getting Westinghouse happy he went out to Colorado to do his private research. Meanwhile Morgan had invested heavily into the AC system while backing Westinghouse. During the years in Colorado Tesla had engineered some very advanced mechanical and electrical designs that he brought to the table of Westinghouse and Morgan. While he was in Colorado Tesla also invited Werner Von Brown (prior to WWII) to see if the Germans would be interested in his new work as the fed government wanted nothing to do with any of his new work. Tesla went back to Westinghouse and stated that the 60 Hz AC design was now obsolete and had a much better system which he would like Westinghouse to invest in. Westinghouse wanted to start this new endeavor with Tesla. As Morgan had backed Westinghouse financially he realized that if Westinghouse and Tesla went on to change the 60hz system it just might become more popular and the 60hz system would become obsolete.......breaking Morgan. So Morgan founded the General electric company and bought off Westinghouse and all of Tesla's patents. This killed any further development for the time being by Tesla or Westinghouse. Then Teddy Roosevelt (the man Carnegie, Morgan, and others forced into Vise president by buying off the election who they thought was now useless to break the monopolies) was made president by the murder of the sitting President McKinley. Roosevelt went on to break all of the big monopolies. Breaking Morgan's General Electric to have Westinghouse now back in action as a competitor. But Morgan had one more ace.......he forbid anyone to use Tesla's new designs by prohibiting the loans to start any new businesses which might use Tesla's advanced designs. Morgan was that powerful financially. So he starved Tesla to death financially and guaranteed the use of the 60hz system to this day by continuing to run General Electric. Now I get it........still comes down to graft, greed, corruption! So the Germans went on to kick some serious butt!......and had the round aircraft before we did thanks to Tesla. While Tesla was in Colorado he figured out the tubes of force within the aether and developed a propulsion system to negate the force of gravity which was several thousand times stronger. How this was done we are not privied to......not yet! One of use will stumble upon it and get it into the public domain.

    A few years ago I followed Brown quite heavily and did reproduce one of his experiments using two dome shaped models that were tethered by a rotating beam. I have to say that the experiment worked very well and they did indeed rotate at a very high rate of speed using very high voltage AC. I showed my dad before his death and he was shocked and told me to dismantle that thing before I was paid a visit by the feds. I followed his advise.

    While my dad was alive we both attended the Westinghouse auction in Cleveland Ohio. A lot of cool stuff was in that building. The building still stands today empty ........ right on the "Westinghouse bend" as it is called here.
    Thanks for that engaging summary! I hadn't had that many dots connected in the Tesla-Morgan-Colorado Springs connection.
    The whole idea of AC being obsolete and Tesla having gone a step further (directly accessing the power of the aether/dielectric) is so intriguing. Difficult not to feel its beckon toward further investigation.

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    Anti-Gravity Presentation: Stan Deyo

    Here's a presentation by Stan Deyo about his work in anti-gravity. I've cued the YT video to the 8:40 mark to show where he shows a slide of an anti-gravity platform which really looks like an array of small Tesla coils on a board:

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    Another video on coils and anti-gravity. I've cued it up to a pertinent point.

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    hey! It's really amazing! Thanks a lot!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    T. T. Brown's 1965 patent copy that I have shows high voltage DC.
    Would you be so kind as to show us yours plans or recommend a source?
    Hey Richard,

    You can use Cockroft-Walton Voltage multiplier as the Charge pump source... ensure the multiplier is Oil(Transformer oil/Mineral Oil/silicon oil ect.) immeresed or you will have corona-discharge losses and the room filled with Ozone that in high concentration can cause head aches..
    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    I am mystified by Forrest's comment that he was using AC in his Townsend Brown experiments.
    In #9, he speaks of work on AC and of work on TT Brown, but not at the same time.

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    So what you're saying is those two things aren't necessarily connected, Wrtner? Did someone manage to connect the dots between those two things that would make sense though?


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