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Thread: Kapanadze generator ( kapagen)

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    Kapanadze generator ( kapagen)


    I built a successfull replication of Kapagen and I can explain to miself some of the princips of working of this Free Energy device. It is not a matter of RESONANCE as in a Tesla coil, but it is all about INDUCTION. I built it on a schematic called SSG ( spark gap generator). It works at less then 20 volts and produces hundreds of volts and a lot of amps. I start with a dimmer swich connected directly to the primary of a MOT ( Microwave oven transformer ). Then , a Microwave oven capacitor in series of the HV wire , a spark gap , a Kapa coil ( watch the assembly on youtube ) and a load of lamps.In my device I use the armature of the MOT as a mass and as a ground. When a load is applied to the device the magnetic fields in the Kapa coil wound CCW, CW, CCW oppose each other and thus lower the voltage before the load. The free energy is created in the secondary of the MOT in the formation of PLASMA. Through the spark gap the pulsed DC wave is transformed into a sine wave , then stepped down the voltage through the Kapa coil and some filters before it reaches the load. The last coil ( the thick one ) of the Kapa coil has to be at least 10 times thicker then the other ones, because it is the only way I have found so far to transform the HV into Low voltage and more amps.In the original patent the inventor - Kapanadze - uses filters to lower the voltage even more and to make the frequency right - 50-60 HZ. I haven`t made the filters so far. And again - to make a successfull model you have to use relatively small voltage for the MOT, transform it into HV to create a spark in the spark gap , and then, in some way, lower the voltage by an INDUCTION via thick wire from 2000 to 120-240 volts. The device produces more energy than it consumes and it won`t be hard to make it self running by adjusting the right voltages. It took me months of work to make it and countless hours to understand it but I am sure now I know how it works and it is not complex at all if you know how the electric currents travel through a wire at different voltages. The main thing to understand is : the electric current travels through the wire at lower voltages and around the wire at high voltages. And when it is at lower voltage it becomes an amperage current that can be utilised in any electric device. When high voltage is applied to a coil the current egnites a plasma field around the wire creating free energy , but to use it you have to step down the voltage making the current amperage current. Otherwise you end up with fancy sparks, arks and a question in your mind : How did Tesla make free energy he constantly talked about ? Well , he was a fan of tranformers and motors. He played with spark gaps and coils most of his life. Everyone can make a KAPAGEN. It is great fun and a bunch of burned bulbs and volt meters . Stay safe when working with high voltage.
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