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Hi, Tom C.

I know the word RESONANCE is holy for all seekers of free energy and I understand that what I suggest is against all you learned so far and search for. I understand how resonance works , how tesla coil works and all admirations to all of you who have succeeded in building resonant circuits and resonant machines.

From all I have learned from my experiance is that resonance amplifies the power many times. I am not against RESONANCE , I only say that there is another way , a much easier way to make free energy.

Please explain to me how all these machines that produce real power work without resonance and explain why is resonance so crucial for the production of free energy ?

I have listed some of the machines that work without resonance and a recent one called GEGENE Generator works on the same principle called INDUCTION. If you know an easier way of production of free energy - please share.

By now the easiest way I have found is this - INDUCTION. Pulsating magnetic field.

One day I will make the RESONANCE , but now I prefer the easy way of free energy production.


Hi Petio.

You are aware that almost every electrical device ever uses INDUCTION in some way shape or form. To say that the principle of INDUCTION produces free energy you would be saying that every device is a free energy device. It is just not so. Perhaps there is a language barrier and you actually are saying something different. But INDUCTION = Free energy is like saying Electricity = free energy. Yes, induction and electricity are both involved in our quest, but they are not the author of said FREE energy.

Perhaps it would be better to suggest that a sound understanding in INDUCTION can lead you towards your goal. Infact I see Bedinis device as being just that. A lesson in INDUCTION and DISRUPTION.

Now, to suggest that the other devices on your list work without resonance suggests that, not only do you have a sound understanding of resonance but you also have a sound understanding of exactly how all of these exotic devices actually work. Which seems a little far fetched to me. Especially on the Testatkia. Also, to say that Bedinis device works without resonance is incorrect. I have seen the ringing waveform which charges the capacitor or battery on my scope. How have you determined that your "Kapagen" is NOT resonant? Have you used a scope to study the waveforms? Or are you just repeating what you have read or heard others say? You know that the KAPAGEN is a variation of Tariels device dont you, i:e not identical in operation or layout. I have read that this device works on displacement current, the connection to the transformers laminations as an earth suggest this.

Im not saying that your device doesnt work, and Im not trying to upset you, but I think its unfair to state that resonance plays no part in "X" device without a better understanding of what resonance is. Your schematic of the Kapagen has a series RLC circuit in it, and to my understanding is completely capable of operating under resonance. Do you know what the 3 basic components for electrical resonance are?