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Thread: Kapanadze generator ( kapagen)

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    I am not angry at your words or at you...... I can brute force energy all I want, thats not the point. oscillation, self excitation, resonance, tuned circuits, look at krons network analyser. you said it yourself permanent magnets have an internal resonance, its based upon their spins... thats why if you put a magnet in certain situations you can literally shake the magnetic structure out of ceramics and turn them into paper wieghts. same with neos you heat them above 175 and all the magnetic properties run away and its a paper weight too. the perendev motor needs a certain rpm to keep it running based upon its load, when the make/break cycle of the poles reaches its TUNED resonance to the load it self runs. they key to the testatika is the leyden jars. the galaxies are in resonance to each other, all the way down to the quantum state. even at zero degrees kelvin there is still chatter at the quantum state. we have an internal circadian rythm and we have a human frequency too. light is a particle AND a wave its measured in frequency. if the obvious clues given to us by nature cannot convince you then....... well enjoy the journey look forward to you posting your results.

    Tom C

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    petio post your research post your work post your over unity devices let us see them please.

    Tom C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    Hi Petio.

    You are aware that almost every electrical device ever uses INDUCTION in some way shape or form. To say that the principle of INDUCTION produces free energy you would be saying that every device is a free energy device. It is just not so. Perhaps there is a language barrier and you actually are saying something different. But INDUCTION = Free energy is like saying Electricity = free energy. Yes, induction and electricity are both involved in our quest, but they are not the author of said FREE energy.

    Perhaps it would be better to suggest that a sound understanding in INDUCTION can lead you towards your goal. Infact I see Bedinis device as being just that. A lesson in INDUCTION and DISRUPTION.

    Now, to suggest that the other devices on your list work without resonance suggests that, not only do you have a sound understanding of resonance but you also have a sound understanding of exactly how all of these exotic devices actually work. Which seems a little far fetched to me. Especially on the Testatkia. Also, to say that Bedinis device works without resonance is incorrect. I have seen the ringing waveform which charges the capacitor or battery on my scope. How have you determined that your "Kapagen" is NOT resonant? Have you used a scope to study the waveforms? Or are you just repeating what you have read or heard others say? You know that the KAPAGEN is a variation of Tariels device dont you, i:e not identical in operation or layout. I have read that this device works on displacement current, the connection to the transformers laminations as an earth suggest this.

    Im not saying that your device doesnt work, and Im not trying to upset you, but I think its unfair to state that resonance plays no part in "X" device without a better understanding of what resonance is. Your schematic of the Kapagen has a series RLC circuit in it, and to my understanding is completely capable of operating under resonance. Do you know what the 3 basic components for electrical resonance are?

    Mr. Ren

    I don`t know the 3 basic components of electrical resonance. I have not measured my device on a scope because I don`t have one. Also I don`t understand why you think energy cannot be produced without resonance ? The generators of all electric power stations in the world are either permanent magnet or induced electro magnet generators. I doubt someone operating these enormous generators knows so much about resonance as you do , however they produce most of the electricity in the world. The AC generator is a Tesla patent and the power companies should not use this device for free and sell the energy it produces to us.

    As you see - you don`t need resonance to produce real power and if the companies didn`t sell us the energy Tesla`s generator produces we would have free energy.
    Even without resonance. I admire the genious of Nikola Tesla making his Tesla coil resonant transformer - later a bigger version : Magnifying transmitter ! You can produce more power with it then you input in it but if all the resonant transformers and resonant circuits disappear in an instant the lamps in the world will shine just as bright as they shine now.

    I don`t know why don`t they make the generators resonant and more efective, maybe one day they will.

    regards for your hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    petio post your research post your work post your over unity devices let us see them please.

    Tom C
    My work is 2 attempts in replicating free energy devices, semi successfull replications.

    1 . As I posted earlier I replicated Chas Campbell`s free energy generator. With a 200 watt asinchronous motor I rotated another 200 watt motor reconstructed to work as an induction generator. For info on induction generators type induction generator in wikipedia. The Generator produced over 315 volts and a light bulb shined the brightest I`ve seen a bulb shine ! The reason I haven`t succeeded in making it overunity is that I didn`t have a parmanent magnet generator.
    A friend of mine suggested I self run it with a UPS , but I didn`t have an UPS eighter. A poor country I am living in - I spent over 1000 dollars buying stuff for my experiments and here 1000 dollars is an annual salary.

    2. I replicated Kapagen and it worked after a week of tuning the working voltages. I lighted 7 lamps 100 w each with less than 500 w input. What I`ve found for the Kapagen machine is : The more voltage you put on the Input ( the primary of the MOT ) , the higher the output in volts and watts. The damages for me are - 2 burned volt meters and several burned bulbs - spectacular ! This Kapagen setup can be made self running as well eighter by transistors as in the original if you have seen the video of the inventor or by connecting it to a motor , and the motor to a generator, and the generator to the primary of the MOT. If I had the money to buy the generator - 80 dollars second hand , I would do it working and self running in 2 days or so !

    3. I have replications of the relay charger of Bedini- Imhotep - a cool stuff - and many more wich are insignificant compared to the 1-st 2 - the Kapagen and the Chas Campbell.

    I posted my discoveries and findings in order people like you with more money to make it running and self running and prove to yourself and to the world it is possible to have a self running 5 kw/h generator made with not so many efforts.

    Look at what some people are doing :

    Chas Campbell
    Chas Campbell Free Energy Generator - YouTube
    Chas Campbell replica
    Chas Chambell Free Energy Generator Replica - Generating 2340 Watts using 750W - YouTube
    WITTS free energy generator
    [] Self-Running 40kW (40,000 Watt) Fuelless Generator (1 of 3) - YouTube
    Gegene generator by Jean Louis Naudin
    Full GEGENE Demo and explanation tutorial - YouTube

    P.S. My work is insignifficant compared to the work done by these people. The sooner we replicate their machines the sooner we will go off grid. My work is insignifficant compared to the work you have done with Mr. Bedini. And Tom , the devices are not yours and mine - they belong to everyone on the planet !
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    My third attempt will be the GEGENE free energy generator.
    When I buy an induction cooker I`ll make it and it will be a success.
    It is the easiest set up I have encountered so far.

    By the time I make this replica you will already have the results because you will make it before me. After you publish the results I can explain to you how it works and why it produces more power if you cannot explain to yourself.

    You are a great man , Tom C
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    Another basic discovery of mine is I found out why when you induce a coil of thinner wire with more turns you step up the voltage ! It`s because when you push electric current through a thinner wire the thinner wire has more surface open to the air than an identicall in weight wire that is thicker. So , when the current passes through the wire it ignites the air around it making it a plasma - ionised air. The fact it is a plasma you can clearly see when you touch a wire with 2000 or more volts running through it you make arc. The current travels more around the wire because the plasma is less resistant then copper. Basicly the current tries to travel the path of less resistance. So , when you run current through a 2000 turns of thinner wire you create more plasma than when you run the same watts through 20 turns 100 times thicher. You have the same weight of copper , but the amount of plasma generated is 100 times more. But , on contrary , when you push the same amount ( same watts ) of current through a 100 times thicker wire , you transform the volts into amps and this is because the current in this case founds less resistance in travelling through the thick copper. This is the way the stepping down of the voltage works.
    To have generation of more energy you eighter have to generate more plasma, or you have to have stronger pulsating magnetic field or faster pulsations of the magnetic field.
    The equasion and conclusions you can make for yourself - more turns of wire = more volts = more plasma = more energy generated ... if you can transform it back to 220 volts of usable energy.
    Another similar equasion is : the stronger the pulsating magnetic field a wire is put into , the stronger the electric currents generated ( induced ) in this same wire.
    Or : the more copper turns you put in the exactly the same strenght of pulsating magnetic field = the more power in watts you will generate.
    You can make the same conclusions by looking at generators ( alternators ) .
    The bigger the generator - the bigger the output.
    The faster you spin it - the more voltage you produce.
    All these things I found are pretty obvious.
    But as you see only by knowing these simple things you can make a device that produces more energy than the input energy: eighter you put more wire in the same pulsating magnetic or alternating magnetic field or you make the pulsating magnetic field stronger or faster. Or you create more voltage = more plasma and step it down to usable energy.

    Simple stuff - many have succeeded, and I can say - anyone can do it.

    Cool stuff. Very very cool indeed

    Never stop trying , never give up !
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    And Tom,
    Do you know why the Bedini monopole produces more than it consumes ?
    It is pretty simple - you push the current through copper wire with a pulsating magnetic field around the wire and the energy produced is eighter proportional to the mass of the wire or the strenght of the magnetic field or the speed of the pulsations.
    So , by knowing this you can easily make it work better - eighter you put more mass of copper wire , or increase the strenght of the permanent magnets , or increase the speed which is proportional to the voltage of the DC peak.
    In those three ways you will increase the watts at the output.

    Never stop trying , never give up

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    I ask myself why aren`t people trying to turn the shaft of a generator with a motor that consumes less power ? It is an obvious generation of more power if you set it up right.
    And you give me the answer - resonance is far more romantic as a thought generated by the brain then the boring turning of the shaft.
    I find resonance just as fancy , cool and romantic as you do.
    When you think of resonance you see the planets and the stars , the vibrations of the magnetosphere of the earth, every animal and plant having its own frequency - cool stuff . I am a romantic person myself , but don`t you forget the main thing in energy production : that you can turn the shaft of a more powerfull generator with a less powerfull motor and create a self running free energy machine. Wouldn`t it be just as cool and as romantic as resonance ? After you make it running and producing real kilowatts you can tune it on whatever frec you want the rest of your life. But isn`t the main thing make it self running ?

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    Or Tom , my dear friend, you can try to make a Bedini monopole more effective the hard way - By tuning the frequency of the coils resonate with one another or with the frequency of the earth or the Sun.
    Which one is easier to do ? Tune it with the frequency of the earth or simply add more wire to the coils ? I bet you will get more energy out of it if you tune it , but adding wire is far more simple than that.

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    Here are the lamps lighted by the system.
    100 volts enter the primary of the MOT via another transformer, then - a spark gap ( the bolts ). You have to make the spark gap real tight, otherwise the lamps flicker.
    Interesting phenomena I observed is that when you connect the bulbs in paralell the voltage drops far much more then when you connect them in series. The watts are the same , but when you connect the load in parallel , the system sees it as a resistor maybe and lowers the light more than 5 times.

    What kind of resonance is going on - u tell me You understand the resonance stuff better.

    By increasing the input voltage the output power increases several times, It is not so much a matter of amps as it is a matter of voltages.

    The hard thing for me to make it running was to use the MOT`s core as a ground, to find the correct input voltage and to TUNE ( how it sounds , a ? ) the spark gap.

    Never stop trying , never , ever give up !


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