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Thread: Kapanadze generator ( kapagen)

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    Hi Bromikey,
    You must have obsereved that i am very fond of answering matter what is it that you are looking for.. and that is very nice actually.
    from the 'Scientific jargon' perspective..i feel we all have our induvidual ways of approaching things..!when it is comes to describing i am very perticular about Scientific explanation....what i see in you is that you have an Inquisitive approach of having first hand go...about what you want to see.. that is good! i must say.
    Ok... Bedini solid state to drive MOT will be problamatic as the secondary winding ration to the primary being very high will take away your Transistor.
    (even a neon bulb to protect your base-emmitter junction will not be enough) MOT transformer core is designed for 50Hz Line frequency. (SS Bedini works in the KHz range.) to work with the kapgen MOT at lines frequency is just suitable as the original design suggest.

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    I observed interesting fenomena in my Kapagen when I put an AC brush motor as a load - the voltage on the output ( on the motor ) kept rising up from 50 to almost 280 and the motor itself was spining faster and faster. The only way for me to stop it was to turn off the input. Apparently the coils of the motor are feeding back emf or emf to the system and the energy bounces back and forth from the MOT to the motor thus increasing the energy. I will try to self run it in this way with the motor but I`m afraid the motor will break from the higher voltage then its designed for. However I think the engine for the Tesla`s car was very similar : HV induction coil, spark gap , transformer into lower voltage and a brush motor. And of course some regulators for control.

    Feeding a Kapagen with a bedini SSG is an interesting idea. Wish you luck.

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    Hi Bromikey,
    Very true....its all about Coil and Electromagnetic Overunity.....

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    Hi Bromikey,
    I don`t think the system will work without the MOT or another HV transformer only by using Bedini motor because a Bedini motor cannot as far as I know create amps and it won`t be possible to egnite a spark gap. Without the spark gap I am pretty sure the Kapagen won`t work.

    However I have an idea how to make a Kapagen self running : put an AC motor as a load, the AC motor is connected to an AC generator, an the generator produces AC current at the exact voltage and frequency to feed the MOT and to create a closed loop for the energy. If that setup doesn`t work, a flywheel may help or a capacitor bank. I think it will work, but my country, Bulgaria, is poor. I have no money to buy a generator ...

    I will start a new thread in the forum about the Chas Campbell free energy setup.
    I tried to replicate his setup and I did not succeed because I had no generator with permanent magnets - I used an induction generator and the induction generators need higher rpms to make sufficient voltage. Well , I have failed , but I won`t give up , because I`ve seen working replications of Chas Campbell`s system.

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    Above is the image of the schematic of my setup of Kapagen. Hope everyone see it and stop asking for schematic

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    Hi, Bromikey.

    The first image of the Bedini SG is very similar to a tesla patent of a machine that produces high frequency high potential electric currents. I absolutely agree that high voltage = free energy ... if you can lower it down to make it usable. The only thing you can use HV for without lowering it is to light fluorescent CFL lamps. Or make visual effect that are cool

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    Hi, Mike.

    I think the MOT is the best choice to use for a Kapagen because it produces around 2000 volts at sufficient amps. The inventor - Tariel Kapanadze uses in his videos MOT. The 2000 volts are enough for the spark gap discharge and are easy to step down afterwards. I`ve seen a working Kapagen with different transformers for the HV but they need aditional electronics for correcting the voltage and the frequency. Another thing is that flybacks and car ignition coils are low in wattage.
    If I was trying to make my Kapagen work with a different traf I would lose a lot of time not succeeding , but with the MOT I made it for a week or so.

    On the other question , about Tesla`s discharge and the amplification of power 1000 times and more - of course it is a fact. He was trying to build his MAGNIFYING Transmitter to wireless transmit free energy at large distances. The tower was the size of a building and was called MAGNIFYING , because it amplifyed the power , it produced more watts from less watts. It was a giant Tesla coil , and for a Tesla coil that big imagine how powerfull the spark was. The bigger coil - the bigger spark, the bigger spark - the more plasma you create ( see the 100 kw/h model of Kapagen in Turkey ), and the more plasma you create , the more energy you collect from the enviroment - you may call it radiant.

    So I think everything about the subject of making free energy is connected to plasma and/or magnetic fields.

    A lighting is a giant stream of energy so powerfull it destroys whole parts of the electrical systems and lots of electric devices. Take away the voltage of a lighting and you will take away the plasma and the watts - it will become a harmless tiny stream of light like in a plasma ball.
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    And another thing that is crucial for all of you who try to produce free energy misled by the writings of some about RESONANCE.
    Most of the free energy setups I`m familiar with work and produce real power WITHOUT RESONANCE.
    The Chas Campbell setup with the motor and generator - works WITHOUT RESONANCE !
    The Bedini motors and generators work and produce WITHOUT RESONANCE !
    The Joseph Newman motor - WITHOUT RESONANCE !
    The WITTS generator - WITHOUT RESONANCE !
    The Testatika - WITHOUT RESONANCE !

    The inventor Tariel Kapanadze says in his first video that the key for the work of his device is resonance. The journalist that interviews him asks : between what ? And he says - resonance between the primary and the secondary of the coil. And a second after he says : I found a way to automatically tune the resonance of the coil. So ask yourself : how can you automatically tune the resonance between 2 coils ? The reason he misleads the viewers of the video is he wanted back then to patent and sell the device. In the beginning of the video he talks about his first invention - a car run on water - being patented by a guy in Philippines I think , and he did not get any money because he was not the first to patent it. Also his patent of the Kapanadze generator shows the different parts as boxes - it doesn`t show the real parts so you can copy and replicate - it is obvious that he wants to keep the secret of the working principal as long as possible.
    All my experiments with this device show no presence of resonance , although there is a lot of tuning of working voltages.
    Also the russian guy with the self running replica - the 150 watt bulb - says it is not a resonant circuit when he reveals the ferrite core of his coil - it is a step down transformer.

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    well I had a long rant I deleted. lets just say resonance is the key to EVERYTHING especially getting a battery to charge itself, and a cap becoming an electret. Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    Hi, Tom C.

    I know the word RESONANCE is holy for all seekers of free energy and I understand that what I suggest is against all you learned so far and search for. I understand how resonance works , how tesla coil works and all admirations to all of you who have succeeded in building resonant circuits and resonant machines.

    From all I have learned from my experiance is that resonance amplifies the power many times. I am not against RESONANCE , I only say that there is another way , a much easier way to make free energy.

    Please explain to me how all these machines that produce real power work without resonance and explain why is resonance so crucial for the production of free energy ?

    I have listed some of the machines that work without resonance and a recent one called GEGENE Generator works on the same principle called INDUCTION. If you know an easier way of production of free energy - please share.

    By now the easiest way I have found is this - INDUCTION. Pulsating magnetic field.

    One day I will make the RESONANCE , but now I prefer the easy way of free energy production.



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