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Thread: Kapanadze generator ( kapagen)

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    Hi Petio,
    I have replicated the Kapanaze and I am getting an output of 2KW almost. I am getting output only till and whenever there is an Input supply (to Transformer). I have made the exact as circuit mentioned above.
    But How do we make it free energy device.. Could you help me. Thanks in advance

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    Hi Petio,
    I have replicated the Kapanadze generator and I am getting an output of 2KW almost. I am getting output only till and whenever there is an Input supply (to Transformer). I have made the exact as circuit mentioned above.
    But How do we make it free energy device.. Could you help me. Thanks in advance

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    Hi bmeheboob,
    You have to try a combination without M.O.B.Try a new one with a flyback and 9-12 v.

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    Please help about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    Ed's coral castle...... hi voltage DC transmission line theory..... radio wave propagation..... Eric Dollard..... VARS leading and trailing..... rotoverter...... Teslas wireless transmission is all about earth resonance... shumman... HAARP..... pulsed DC in KHZ region.... the electric universe... thunderbolts of the god's.... TANK CIRCUITS FOR PETES SAKE!!!! I dropped my electric bill by 50 bucks a month by just putting tuning caps on my ac mains. now my house is in resonance going to my pole pig on the power pole. its all I can get without putting the pole pig into resonance with my house and blowing it up. I have another one on my panels at work that run my pumps when they are all running the panel pulls 75 amps per leg, turn on the caps and it drops to 50 per peg.... 35 amps from tuning the VARS. somebody please read this IEEE Xplore - HVDC system DC loop resonance analysis based on time domain simulation "In HVDC systems, power converters are well known the generators of harmonics on both ac and dc side. Because of the interaction between ac and dc systems, some kinds of disturbances in the ac or dc side may cause the fundamental or second harmonic current on the dc side. When the dc loop of the HVDC system has natural resonant frequencies on the fundamental or the second harmonic frequencies, the low-order harmonic current oscillation will arise, which will damage the station equipment" they are worried about blowing up power stations because of resonance. how do antennas work? resonance. how can a little 1 watt CB radio talk to mexico from central california 1 WATT!! yes 1 WATT!!! resonance on both ends, signal propogation thru properly understanding ley lines and time of day. you want your SG to run away with power ? make your batteries sing. Ring the bell twice. oh and listen to Ren he knows way more than most of us here. I think FARADAY can step in here and school us on resonance. engineers spend years designing circuits to damp standing waves, what if we did the opposite? Standing waves and resonance : Transmission Lines if you do it right small inputs of power produce huge outputs of power. you can see it in milosevics two stage oscillator a little push of a weight does a ton of work. RESONANCE any thing that has windings is in resonance of some kind all transformers operate in resonance. I am just not going to stand by and let someone say something that is patently false. nature is filled with examples of resonance. Tom C
    Hi Tom C ,
    The link you suggested us to read is in some kind of the system Tesla experimented with to produce his Radiant system (this Uses AC and DC both)... Now i'dont just understand why the hell is the main stream making this a Complex study...Radiant Burst oh sorry...... Reactive Power is messed upon as being considered purely Transverse in misleading..god save Engineers who shall ponder aimless on this well established Science for years to come....
    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'

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    Hello petio707
    I am returning member to these forums. I have tried building similar system some years ago. I think I will try replicating your system.

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    I am testing to get my original ID

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    Hello petio707, I on this thread. see your point. Examining the picture of your kapagen coil, I see that you have presented 20T CCW, 80-120T CW, 6T CCW. In LCR circuit. If you say it is not resonance then number of turns are not very critical. We know resonance is very sensitive to number of turns in a coil. Once some Russian guy made statement that if 2nd coil becomes resonant then you will have opportunity to recover your original input power. If there was 3rd coil also in resonant state, then this third coil will produce more output power than input power. I at present do not know that this is a fact. Also Donald Smith in one of his devices was telling that one central coil when surrounded number of secondary resonant coils then the system will produce many more copies of greater power output. I have no proof of this concept either. Good luck.

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    Hello petio707,
    In Patrick Kelly's booklet, PJKbook.pdf page 103,
    the Donald Smith type of device that does not use a capacitors but only spark-gap and coils L1 and L2 uses following strategy:
    Start by making the L2 coil wire length exactly four times the length of L1 coil, and make sure cutting the lengths accurately.
    It is common practice to match the weight of copper in each coil and so the shorter wire is usually twice the diameter of the
    longer wire.
    Your Kappa Coil is configured as 20T CCW, 80-120T CW, 6T CCW.
    Right away we see, L2 is about four times the length of L1.
    I think resonance does play a part since it does require tweaking L1 or L2 coil turns. The L3 coil I also think probably follows the same length/weight principle.
    In earlier days, Kapanaza did say, I think, that he studied Don Smith circuits before making his.

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    Hello Petio707, here for convenience have uploaded your original image.SGG.jpg



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