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Thread: Bedini Ferris Wheel

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    Converted AGM Battery

    In this video I show a converted AGM battery that is now converted to a flooded lead acid battery. This battery was not useable until now. The process was talked about on the Energyscience forum This Forum is my home and it deals with everything I have done in the energy field, I will not be posting on any other forums. I hope to have others join in with other technologies.

    John Bedini
    John Bedini
    My homepage:

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    Back with a few Ideas

    I hope this picture is clear enough.
    I have been able to play a little bit with the Ferris Wheel And made some improvements on my cap dump circuit. I think it works a little better. But I have noticed that it has a hard time dropping the cap all the way down to within a few volts of the batteries like my other circuit. It only drops to about 34 volts(this is a 24 volt machine). The IRFP260's run quite warm. I reduced the resistance on the H11D1 LED from 10k to 8.2k and that seemed to help some. This comparator is only rated for + or 10ma so I can't go much further. I also increased the cap size on the voltage divider to 1.2 uf. That seemed to help a bit as well. I was using an MPSA06 on the H11D1 and now have the BD243C and I wonder if that is part of the problem I think the MPS takes a lot less to switch and makes a good fuse to protect the Fets.

    As you can see in the Schematic (hopefully) I have made use of the second comparator. This is an SSG control switch. In my case I am using a Tesla tracker 20amp with a 120 watt solar panel. I have a small inverter connected that runs a very inefficient transformer to 36volts on the input of the Ferris Wheel. Connected to the charge batteries (currently using some AGM ALPHA 25 amp at 1.8hr rate) is an SSG. It is the one I call Bluebell. Five strand, super pole. That charges a bank of four motorcycle batteries 50-N18L Everstart. 20AH at the 10hr rate.

    I am thinking of changing out the AGM's and putting in some Car batteries because of how I am running them. The circuit is designed so that the SSG is off while the cap dumps. Then is turned back on until the next dump. Something like might be seen on the Watson machine except not fed back to the input. I am planning on building a switching mechanism for two banks of the motorcycle batteries so that while one is charging the other bank is running another inverter to my large 880AH batteries that run my shop.

    Currently I am testing the SSG to see what it's performance is. So far the batteries under charge have increased in two cycles from 130wh to 230wh already.

    At this point I have tested the SSG switching mechanism (The H11D1 And IRF260) but have not connected the comparator yet. So I am working in stages of running the Ferris wheel until the batteries are charged then running the SSG until those batteries are charged and then loading them with the inverter and 60watt light, together about 64watts (which ran for 3 hrs 37 minutes on my last test down to 11.51 volts, resting at the start was 12.58v).

    I have almost everything done to start on my Six coil unit. I am waiting on one last thing and if that comes in then I will get that done so I can replace bluebell with it. Also I designed the six coil unit frame and parts in Cad so if I can post a DXF here I will get that done as soon as I know it all came out without to many errors. Hope that will help others who may be interested.

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    Hi John B.

    In EFTV 23 (1:07:40 - 1:08:07) you state:

    "This was my original motor, but see Jim Watson discovered the "arrangement" a little bit different; and how you can tell that he discovered the "arrangement" a little bit different, is see, these aren't in line with the magnets, their advancing so he's creating that non linear field......"

    I have reviewed this more times than I care to mention since the 2010 conference. The problem I had was that from the video it was "implied" that your new device was an improvement on, and superior to the Watson device. For the life of me I could not see the parallel, as you don't make it easy to see the "arrangement" in the Self Reguaging Idling Magneto. It would seem that there are parallels in everything you have an example, the master coil in the SG portion of the Ferris Wheel has a shaped field....I find myself asking the question of where else are you applying this "field shaping" principle in the machine?....With this in mind one returns to the "Self Reguaging Idling Magneto", and takes notice of the wedge shaped magnets.....and wonders if the fields of these magnets have been manipulated by "cutting the corners"....

    Can you discuss the old "arrangement" in the Watson machine, and the advanced version that you are utilizing in the Self Reguaging Idling Magneto, how latter is superior to the former? Don't know why, but I feel like Mr. Howard Johnson is in there somewhere...

    Patiently awaiting your reply....

    Happy Holidays

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    Hello John B,

    I no longer require a the videos you have made available you made it clear what the arrangement used by Watson was. I am satisfied that I have found it (or similar pattern), and am now of the opinion that others in these circles have as well; (Adams, Muller). I have found that when the pattern is properly understood, and the coils are properly configured with relation to the magnets, an all north out rotor is better suited for generator applications than an alternating pole configuration, the reason is obvious to all those skilled in the art...(always wanted to use that line....) This in a way, in my opinion anyway, validates your original free energy generator design. It also demonstrates that there is more to the SG than meets the eye, especially in light of the aforementioned.

    Thank you for all that you have done and are doing!


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    Beginning of Rant

    Hello John Bedini,

    10 coils...10 rotor magnets...Hall commutated...5 times per revolution...firing on North poles only, that gives us 72 degrees of off time between pulses....actual off time determined by factors which are obvious to those skilled in the art... (I am not claiming to be one of those skilled individuals....)

    The method by which the coils are connected is in a word....genius....I realize after much searching that this methodology didn't begin with you, but you have applied it brilliantly!

    A test rig was built to verify some of your implied but not stated claims, I have two 6 filar, 370 turn coils. The two coils and their respective windings are all connected so that the measured inductance between the two coils equals 486mH. (It must be stated here that this is not the proper way to connect these coils but it allowed me to get the results that I was looking for in this particular test.)

    In EFTV 23 you mention that the coils in your "Self Reguaging Idling Magneto" are wound with 2206 turns. In my rig one of my coils has 6x 370 turns in series, or 2220 turns in total...puts me a tad over what was mentioned in the video. With two of these coils in series I measure the aforementioned 486mH, this leads me to believe that you have around that much in one of your coils.....multiply that out by the number of coils you have in your machine (10x), you end up with 5H+/-.

    At the start of this rant I mentioned the 72 degrees of off time... in EFTV 23 you were asked by Pat: (I think that's her name...please forgive me if it isn't...)
    "What is this in the middle?" you reply saying "That is a self Reguaging idling magneto, which means, if it goes above the speed its rotating at right now, it generates to put power back to help recharge."
    (Recharge what? The primary?!?!?!!! Is it possible that this is the mysterious back popper! A function that Rick tried to put in the SG using an external gen coil...Mind you the SG is also charging the primary back between cycles, but no were near to the degree that your Ferris Wheel design is.....I have witnessed that this (Ferris Wheel Magneto) configuration charges the supply back to a higher voltage than you started with, no extra circuitry required!

    You stated "if it goes above the speed its rotating at....." You know it doesn't have to go past that speed...! Your 5H coil configuration is already allowing you to generate a higher potential than your input battery is supplying at the speed that its running at! You also know like I do that this generated potential can't be measured nor detected in any way while the circuit is operating in motor mode!!! It manifests and dominates when you stop treating the device as a prime mover, while its coasting towards the next triggering time. This for me is that time charge, for here the circuit stores the generated EMF while your switching circuit is active, and discharges this EMF within the 72 degrees of off time into the primary battery!!! (completely independent of what's happening on the opposite side of the circuit, you are still able to charge as many batteries as you like with the collapsing field. The generator function has no effect on "recovery" that I have been able to detect....)The off time is critical, if you don't have enough, the circuit will not discharge the entire previously stored EMF. The proof of this can be seen in a video I shot in 2012. mind the comments at the end of the video.....accept it or ignore it...I know now that you provided us with all we need from the very beginning! Thanks one step closer to true energy independence.

    End of rant...


    If you are reading this....dust off that beast of a window motor!!! After you clear the cobwebs off me!

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    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone have any interest in purchasing our 6' Bedini Ferris Wheel?

    I am willing to sell it at cost.

    For those of you that don't have any idea what we built, you can go to our YouTube channel and take a look at some of the videos during the early phases of the build or look back through the posts on the Energetic forum.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks, Brent


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