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Thread: Dumas's Sphere: instant water boiler secret now revealed, OU, AND reproducible !!! :)

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    Dumas's Sphere: instant water boiler secret now revealed, OU, AND reproducible !!! :)

    Hi Tom C, all contributors, I'm taking Peter Lindeman's forum topics for two reasons :
    - 1st, I learned a lot from his video about the electrical motors, his article about colloidal silver which allowed me to kick start on this before discovering Robert C. Beck and even clarifying the purity of silver question;
    - 2nd, the heat application that can be used from what follows, since this is related to Peter's saving home energy ebooks he sells;
    - 3rd the OU.

    I have the pleasure to let you know that a great inventor, by the name of Jean-Christophe Dumas, has released , april 2014 in public, the secret of a non-patent mechanism of instant water boiling (less than 10 seconds) with a 500-600 watts input.
    The effect has been expertised by independant researchers as authentic and demonstrating a 116 percent Over unity efficicency.
    Two immediate applications :
    - Potential Cheapest home heater
    - Water desalinizer of unprecedented efficiency.

    I am currently building one such machine , quick, easy, and not dangerous.

    A collective association of researchers have built up around the inventor to deliver this to the world, for free.
    They call it revolution, I do so too.

    The facebook page

    the inventor's home page

    youtube presentation of the principle :

    two inventor's interviews:

    This has been reported in the local newspapers, and aired on the TV regional.
    Most, the OU has been independently measured and observed.

    The effect has been named the Dumas bowl or the Dumas effect and is related directly as per assumptions to Pr. Casimir 's effect.

    It is also similar looking to Peter Davey's machine, for some of it's specifications.

    This is a , IMHO, 100 percent hoax free research project you can step in right now.

    Have a lot of luck and let's share results as soon as the first replications will start !

    Have a gr8888 day !!
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    Thanks for sharing this, but this site won't come up for me:
    Aaron Murakami

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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    Hi Aaron
    please retry now (the site was down for me also at some point).
    the english OM was translated a few days ago !!
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    I have just uploaded my basic POC of the Dumas 's Sphere :
    - a sphere that boils water into steam (hot steam visible in less than 10 seconds)
    - that stays cold ( gets heated with the water being heated though)
    - certain tuning appear to produce HHO (white foam).
    Check the video I have uploaded for this :

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    Hello Bung-ee, can you explain how do you build your Duma's sphere.
    I suppose you live in France, isn't it 'cause you speak in French in your youtube video.

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    hi herearii,
    yes you are right for every point.
    They have put up the translation of the Dumas ' Sphere here in english :
    I'm thinking of putting up a even more simple version , I 'll upload it later on and let you know.

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    This is from the homepage and put through Google translate.

    YOU SAID ON - UNIT ? ...
    THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE EFFECT ON MARIO BEVIA DUMAS : " I think EFFECT DUMAS USE SAME SECRET THAT TESLA with its capacitor Wardencliff the Tour when a capacitor is supplied in a repetitive time of about 10 - 8 seconds , while on the negative electrode , a quantum phenomenon happens. The electron pair with their own angular momentum ( spin their ) orienting antiparallel with each other and the other electrode of the electron ; which creates an intense course ATTRACTION electrons instead of repulsion like that should be the case between particles of the same electrical charge. Suddenly, the electrode potential increases considerably , since quantum attracting the electrons to the electrode see decrease the distance between them according to the law of the potential V = KQ / r with r tending to almost 0m the electrons is very small . Thus , we get a huge potential from a small, but it is not finished .

    Result is that this condition is not too natural , electrons will separate after a few tens of microseconds , driven by a strong electrostatic repulsion is their natural behavior. But the result , so they provide a strong electric current to the capacitor discharge, which lasts 5 times as long and that is 25 times more powerful and energy of a stream discharges into a scalar passive resistance.
    Enormous stress + high current is obtained = high power and additional internal energy. This current, in an electrical conductor resistant , VA PRODUCING HUGE RISE SA SURFACE TEMPERATURE ( because it is a high frequency current ) , water in the neighborhood will enjoy instantly , instead of waiting for the walls metal heat as a heating resistor dc or 50 Hz that transmit heat by conduction according to Fourier's law .

    Here it is almost instantaneous because everything happens on the surface and not inside the conductor shaped ball, receiving the current ; and as this shape is spherical , we get a large enough surface where electrons exhibit variable electric current HF overkill surface to water molecules. Where an ultra-fast heating with low losses and this course provides an internal power - on yield by partnering with the power of the main power supply. IT'S AS IF THE CURRENT warming WATER DIRECT HIGH FREQUENCY WITHOUT PASSING THROUGH A RADIATOR AND SO ON - UNIT .

    Since electrons can not mix with water, after losing their energy directly to water molecules ( a phenomenon similar to a transfer magnetic coupling because water has a magnetic moment , as in microwave ovens ) they return to the metal and to the positive terminal or system ground . IT'S FREE ENERGY AS THAT OF TESLA , but instead of transmitting said variable displacement current in a dielectric insulator like atmosphere , the excess power is conducted to the surface by skin effect and generates a magnetic field surface ( a plasmon ) that will act on the magnetic moment of the water to the heat .

    I think this phenomenon is unknown, but YOU CAN NOT EXPLAIN THAT SINCE 1970 WITH THE INVENTION OF SPINTRONICS ; this is why the old traditional explanations , ZPE , backemf empty ether passes for bad and policy makers are reluctant to prefer , because they themselves are not introduced to spintronics. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bung-ee View Post

    Most, the OU has been independently measured and observed.
    Hi Bung-ee,

    Thanks for reporting this interesting device, my question would be whether you have link or any definite info on the measurements that proved the extra output?


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    Alright, I wasn't going to mention this because I think of lots of stuff and sometimes I look at it the next day and say "there you go thinking again" and I have zero data of my own, but leaving aside the complexity of the possibly valid Dumas approach let me ask what would happen to you if you flew in an oxygenated, unpressurized plane at, I have no idea, 200,000 feet, your blood would boil. It takes about, from memory a one third decrease in atmospheric pressure for water to boil at near room temperature. This is not at all difficult, trivial, to achieve. I had thought about this and I believe posted about this as a way to improve the efficiency of steam engines (making them like "Organic Rankine Cycle" engines without the volatile liquid). Well I finally made it to church a while back and my mind wandered and I thought if I was on a desert island I could use this to distill saltwater.

    All you would need is a syringe to decrease atmospheric pressure. (Tesla had some sort of steam diode thing that he patented but I can't find it now and you wouldn't need this as a continuous process). Put salt water in a closed container, have a connected syringe or the like draw off air until the pressure was 2/3 atm or where the water boiled at say 90F. Put a match to the container, or a magnifying glass or one's hands. Let the steam rise up a foot to a second container at ambient 72F temperature with a passage to a lower collection chamber.

    I'm not happy to be wrong but I am happy to know the truth and I can't do as much experimenting as I would like, someone check the numbers and or generate some data. I write this because it is about clean water, well over a million people die from diarrheal illnesses each year most of them children, this might even fit in a back pack. Why wouldn't this work?!?!

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    Okay some revisions, blood boils at around 64,000 feet (Armstrong limit) and this is 0.906 psi versus 14.69 psi at sea level, more of a vacuum then originally stated. So to boil water at 90F might require a vacuum of say 1-1.5 psi. Lest (dangerous word) you think I was joking about doing this with a syringe here ( is a pdf of a syringe created vacuum with a flapper valve that can create a vacuum, as noted on the last page of the write-up, of 0.8 psi. That would more than do it, could you imagine what might be done with a modified bicycle pump? Again, open to critiques and/or let's start making potable water!
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