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Thread: Overunity devices.

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    Overunity devices.

    Dear Mr Bedini,
    I am currently trying to find out if there are any working overunity devices.
    I am not a journalist.

    Since I have no machine shop or a laboratory space and I lack knowlege to repicate one, I decided that insetead of trying to test the concept by looking for plans and building an overunity device, I need to find someone who had sucessefuly done it and than replicate it under that person's supervision.

    So far I found those popular overunity device claims:
    The Molina-Martinez generator.
    The Tariel Kapanadze generator.

    The Hubbard Generator
    The Tesla Fuelless Generator

    I would really appreciate any demonstration of such device and I am ready to travel any distance within United States to whitness it for myself.
    Your expertiese in overunity devices is very important to me.

    I am also trying to understand those forces that are keeping overunity devices from being massproduced and sold as appliances to the public.

    Thank you for your time.

    Vladimir Tolskiy

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    I learned the following during my research on Overunity Devices.
    I want to discuss a possible solution with the inventors, people such as John Bedini.

    • True inventors study some archive documents and build overunity devices, probably based on the works of Nikola Tesla.
    • Pseudoinventors work on popularizing themselves and making catchy statements. They are often interested in fame.
    • Both types of inventors hope to receive financing and to attract investors.
    • There is an agreement in the world of finances not to finance inventors of overunity devices. Nikola Tesla himself lost his financing when he began working to provide free electricity to the mankind and this is an unquestionable historical fact.

    • The concepts of “scientist” and “pseudoscientist” never coexist within one person because true scientists value their honor.
    • Because all inventors of overunity devices are considered to be pseudoscientists it is very hard for an ordinary person to understand who is a liar and who is a true scientist.
    • The Aether Dynamics theory that allows for the plausibility of overunity devices is considered unscientific and that furthers the difficulty for inventors to prove their concepts and for potential consumers to gain access to free energy devices.

    • A large number of enthusiasts are attempting to reinvent those devices, using incomplete information such as circuit diagrams, that show no transformer and inductor configurations, no materials, no signal shapes and no resonances that need to be achieved.
    • A large number of enthusiasts is filling the Internet with their guesses and hypotheses of how superunity devices may work, concealing the truth even further for the public.
    • People that made successful replicas may not announce about their success with all the details.
    • There may be some sort of inte||igence, that watches for superunity-related information not to be released to the public. They were probably behind the destruction of some of Tesla's archives after his death.
    • People with fragile psyche may be afraid of those hypothetical inte||igences and avoid public attention just in case those inte||igences exist.
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    I suggest you guys to refer Tom Bearden website for a detailed explanation on the suppression front on the Alternative Energy.
    it includes dozens of cases of Inventors suppresed / terminated by some sinister forces (men in black).

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    I dont want to insist on them being supressed by any other means besides financial.
    I want to meet real people and make sure that those devices exist at this point. Thats all. I am looking for people that can show me a working example of overunity devices if they exist.

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    Heard of AVISO ISMAEL??????

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    what you are asking for has been done hundreds of times, the inventors are then killed, bought off or threatened. The amount of money you have does not matter. Eric Dollard has been destroyed several times over financially and is living in a camper in a desert somewhere, the cold fusion guys were poisoned with a lead pipe to the head, it goes on and on. John Bedini was threatened with his life if he put the info he had out to the public. Tom Bearden was almost asassinated with an ice bullet at an airport. Stan meyer was killed for his water fuel car system. noble gas engines never seem to get off the ground. you have to build it yourself and do the research, no one is going to hand it to you on a plate.

    You must understand this, any true overunity device is taken by the u.s. government as a national security interest. Gabriel Kron had network analyzers that Ran themselves 50 years ago, have we ever seen it, no because the U.S. Gov has it and is powering satellites and military equipment with it.

    Did you know they had laptop computers at the D.O.D. in 1960? this is from an eye witness I spoke to in person. yo will not find what you are looking for here. buy a lab, hire some really bright guys, and then hire Tom Bearden to continue research on the M.E.G. Tom estimates 4 million or so in research to get a small table top unit working.

    Tom C
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    What i don't understand why in some places we can find a comments of Tom Bearden like he is a desinfo.

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    I smell Trolls

    What I like about Tom Bearden is that he is so damm smart but speaks like an everyday man. I need to get his book but I have seen him in the vacuum videos.

    @ Tom c
    Really makes me think about what we are all doing here ;-)

    Oh wait' ,,,,I recant any success I have ever had and shared, It's a shame... I don't want to die... Lol

    No I don't mean to make light of what you spoke on, it is true many men have died and many more broken. I hope that with the web and word of mouth we can free the world. Mr Bedini is our Mr Tesla of today and Mr. Bearden is,, well who knows,,, but I am thankful that they share with us.
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    Alright, here's an open source over-unity "device" that no one talks about. Perhaps I'm wrong, but what is your explanation? So, how about a tornado? What is the input energy source? The tornado is too small for it to be from the Coriolis effect, is it a few degrees of temperature differential? Ah, it is the 10's to hundreds of millibars of pressure differential between the interior and exterior. Airlines know just how difficult it is to create a modest atmospheric pressure differential. The input energy to create this partial vacuum then must account for a tornado's propensity to rip trees from the ground and destroy buildings in mile long swathes. What and where exactly is the input energy and is it (including entropy losses) equal to the output energy? Makes little sense to me.
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    If you want an over-unity device to test, go to your refrigerator and pull off a magnet.

    One night I had to endure a drunk electrical engineer hammering away on Newton's Laws (their typical refuge). He was bragging about a group that hired him to validate their over-unity device and how he destroyed them. He quoted Newton and said there is no such thing as over-unity.

    I told him to go get a magnet, a really old magnet that has been holding the beer opener on his refrigerator for the last 20-years, and then explain why it doesn't weigh less than it did 20-years ago. If it doesn't weigh less, tell me why within the confines of a Newtonian closed system. Instead he yammered on about "it's magnetism".

    Then I said: "when you can really explain why the magnet didn't lose weight while expending all that "energy", I will listen".

    All arguments refuting over-unity eventually require a closed system / closed mind.

    If you have not already seen this video series, you will enjoy it. It a great explanation of atomic structure on the micro and macro levels. Please note the series was terminated before David LaPoint explained over-unity. The Primer Fields Part 1 - YouTube

    No surprise there...

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