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Thread: Water Fuel Secrets

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    Thumbs up Water Fuel Secrets

    Water Fuel Secrets is a 51 page report (just added 13 pages of references) showing indisputably in Stanley Meyer's own patents that he absolutely did say that Nitrogen slows the burn rate of hho to make it closer to gasoline.

    There are also new references where Stanley Meyer was showing how he magnetized the fuel and he even called the hho + ambient air + recycled exhaust "synthetic gas"!

    Many so-called Stan Meyer "experts" adamantly deny that Stan Meyer ever even mentioned Nitrogen, let alone the fact that he filled up multiple patents that describe the all-important role of nitrogen in the process.

    Water Fuel Secrets is available here: Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murakami

    This report is the final nail in the coffin of every Stan Meyer "expert" who denies that Meyer ever mentioned nitrogen.
    Aaron Murakami

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    In SSAS, a proton-conducting membrane is heated to about 550 C. Nitrogen is admitted to one side of the membrane and water vapor is admitted to the other side, under conditions of equalized pressure to drive the reaction. The water vapor dissociates into protons and oxygen, an external voltage drives the protons through the membrane, and the nitrogen and protons react on the nitrogen side of the membrane to form NH3. The lower energy consumption of the SSAS process suggests that it will be able to produce ammonia at a lower cost than the Haber-Bosch process, with the obvious environmental advantage of not using fossil fuel feedstock. The key processes in SSAS are: 1) dissociating gaseous H2O into gaseous O2 and adsorbed H+, 2) transporting H+ through a proton conducting membrane, and 3) reacting H+ with adsorbed N2 to make NH3.

    so could something like this not be used to create the needed ammonia and nitrogen need to control the combustion rate of the hho gas, and did he then magnetized the n2 and nh3, to enable "superimposing" on the the hho gas to control the burn rate, the rate at which he speed up the n2 and nh3 gas was calibrated mix ate a rate with the hho gas to create a stable slower burning mixure now if this particular process is not used is there any substance that if hit with a spark or electrical arc into nh3 or n2 ? and or can u figure any other reason for magnetization or the speeding up the magnetized particles that are mixed mixed with the hho gas ?

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    While I do not dispute on the 'Nitrogen Theory', The Magnetization of particles part of his EPG system is highly coded and so called as 'Magnetized particle' the patent does depict the mechanism of Magnetically polarizing the Particles produced by way of vaporizing electrode material in a Vacuum chamber.(Space-less Field is also Vacuum but of opposite nature and is Gravity rich) this description hints at some aspect of the Water fuel cell it self involved in creating the Magnetized particles and not the vaporized electrode material as the patent describes. I strongly suggest that the EPG is an Integrated system of two distinct modes of exciting the Water fuel cell, one in its Gaseous phase and one in its Liquid phase. I shall show some of my findings on this soon.There are some more anomalies associated with the HHO gas production concerning the container's self pressure,this pressure attributes to the self-generation characteristic of the fuel cell, imagine a container(Fuel cell confinement) that has full of water (with one space left) and that WFC polarization is excited in it,apparently the Gases produced for the same volume of 'lost water' shall built higher pressure, the increase in the pressure instantly changes the operational parameters of the Polarized field in a manner such that more Gas is produced (Resonant Parameters) if the process is let to continue, the cell shall reach its yield point and rupture (explosively), Stan has this documented in his 'MEGA GAS YIELD' scheme of WFC with Resonant Cavity of spherical structure, here the Electrolytic and Gaseous phase of the Water are in dynamic interaction with the Field of Polarization (Electric Polarization). Particulate movement in a closed loop of confinement suggests a static pressure, hence it is not a Particulate movement of 'Magnetized particles' instead it is the Bulk of the Gas ( The Patent deliberately misleads this as a particluate movement and discreate mass
    Actual Fuel cell effect is suggested meaning the Gases recombine as Water and Electricity is produced.(A current measuring circuit in the supply detects the Breakdown (into constituent gases) and removes the pulse drive for a few cycles for the Water to 'recover' if that is what it does') the substitution of a given matter with an another matter of lesser Mass density in the same space,is a typical case of Gas as the result in this process. Stan's process of WFC Polarization is a COLD EXPANSION OF WATER. or 'Voltage stretched' Gas phase. and is a ration of this figure to the Faradic process.
    Thank you,
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    Great Innvoation. Thumbs Up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PradeepKumar View Post
    Great concepts!! But once they are implemented and run successfully it will definitely create a great impact and to the downside we may lack most of the water resources.
    Hi Pradeep,
    Not really, 1)if you have access to Abundance of Energy you can de-desalinate sea water to meet all the Water needs for all the nations of the Globe..
    2)Read Stanley meyer's WFC dealership manual....he clearly says that Energy to the sub Nuclear level can be accessed without radiation (safely)..which means that Water consumption is actually minimal..but the corresponding Energy extremely high.. the mass particulate size is related and then E=MC 2 (gtnt).
    Water would remain water.. as long as SUN is present.. and if you have a good recycling system on would never loose all what you keep using!!!
    Stanley Meyer's Water splitting mechanism: It is not the Capacito-Inductive 'tear' of the HHO molecule..but is the Inducto-Capacitive' Raise' of the Atoms, Nucleus and so on of its Molecules...

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