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Thread: my new house project...

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    some stuff from 2011. can walls, bottle walls, beginning of a structure with 18" thick mud bottle walls. I wouldn't make bricks myself..make mud and build the wall instead of make mud, make bricks, then build wall
    Ok, I just added links to the other photos instead of moving all the pics
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    Hello jeff sorry but i want to see your pics but i can;t cos i don't have a faceb. account hope you can upload to this forum in the future.thanks
    Here is also a site where you can see another way with also cheap materials Construcción de casas con fardos de paja

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    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    This house is definitely great. Earth ship house is made up of rammed earth and tires. The tires are stacked (staggered) like bricks. Each tire has earth pounded into them until firmly packed. Once the tires are packed, they are very difficult to move and form quite a dense wall. The walls are load bearing and provide thermal mass which is an important attribute to any energy efficient house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    hi everyone,

    finally decided to post a bit about something I have been working on for a while. in order to keep my mind focused on the goal, which for me is independant living, I focus my research a lot on reduction in energy usage, and building with re usable and renewable resources. After many moons of research I have decided on type of structure Latest News: | Cob Cottage Company

    these houses can be heated easily using a technology called Rocket Mass Heaters rocketstoves - simple to build and use it is a hybrid of a masonry stove and a true rocket stove used for cooking.

    electricity will be solar and Bedini SG, interior lighting will be oscillator circuit leds running off of the battery bank. cooking is true wood stove. a composting toilet and greywater recycling for the garden. anywhere I can I will be recycling materials from places like this Hippo Hardware nice place for salvage and reclaimed windows.

    what about refrigeration ? a DC ammonia cycle fridge, water pressure is DC deepwell pump How to Drill Your Own Water Well to a water tower. a small hydro genny attached to the downpipe of the tower to reclaim a bit of the energy back to the battery bank.

    batteries: The Store

    food production: The Urban Homestead® - A City Farm, Sustainable Living & Resource Center, A Path to Freedom towards Self-Sufficiency

    nubian goats for milk, cheese and protein
    chickens and ducks eggs and protein production is using elliott colemans book 4 season harvest. non heated greenhouses produce food year around.

    composting and organics all the way around!!

    anyone please fell free to add to this thread your lourney and where you are. I will be doing this as a test project on my back yard eventually, building on a small scale to see where it goes.

    Tom C
    Hi Tom,
    Replying to thread. I built a house many years using a "Cinva Ram" for. This was a press designed to be portable and use local clay or similar materials for developing and underdeveloped economies.. Where I built was granite country so the sub soil was very sandy. However it produced an excellent brick. From memory the brick measured 12inches by 6inches by 4 inches. If the mix was too we had to put an extension pipe onto the units handle. Might be worth looking into.



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    must be the new trend. I also am currently working on a cabin I just purchased. I am planning on running everything on solar and wind and completely off grid with rainwater collection and the like. I also came accross something I thought was brilliant call the waterseer it is a small wind powered device that uses a vawt to spin a fan inside the device causing it to cool and condense water into and underground tank they say in the right conditions you can get 11 gallons a day with no power needed. The water is also pure and needs no filtering. On top of that i think they are under $150 and you just dig a hole put it in and pump the water out. I planned on making a thread sometime down the line as i'll be taking pictures of everything i try. One project is going to be a weight system that slides down the hill making power and a workout machine geared to pull it up so when i exercise i am storing all my used energy into the weight....why waste it on lifting dumbbells!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    I found it fascinating they are running at the same voltage as the original cells.

    Tom C
    So am I understanding correctly that each battery is one cell. They then designed them to be paralleled/seriesed to make any voltage or capacity?

    Very interesting Tom
    good luck with your adventure.
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