Hi tinkerers,

I have made three upgrades to our car that I wish to share with you. The fuel economy gain is really good!

We run a toyota land cruiser fzj105r from 1998. It's a 4.5 liter v6 petrol car with DIS ignition and EFI. It has no o2 sensors or catalytic converter as standard.

Fuel economy before mods: 2.0 liter fuel/10 kilometers
Fuel economy after mods:1.41 liter fuel/10 kilometers


1: Mercury Hi-flow exhaust system + ceramic coated headers by Pacemaker. Cost: 1690$
2: Magnetizer.com heavy duty magnets for V8 engine cost: 365$ i think
3: Torque Master non-resistor standard plugs by extremespark.com 10.9$/plug

I had no idea these things would have a such dramatic improvement!
I use normal spark plug leads with quite low resistance.

All the best,

P.s. If you do upgrades that changes the fuel efficiency, you need to do something to trick the ECU to read something else from the O2 sensor if you have one or more of those...Use an EFIE. If you still find the engine doesn't respond well, add a MAP enhancer as well. It's well worth it!