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This is the exact thing i was wondering about. I am messing around with this stuff right now, so if i find anything, i will post it here.
I havent messed with tap water for a while, because while giving a simple demo to a friend, the water quickly turned green, then brown, and we both started caughing, and tearing up. I will probably just use rain water, and post the results here. If anyone knows a good dimension for a flash tube, let me know. (i might just use a long vinyl tube)

This is my first post here, so if I am doing anything wrong, please let me know. C:
-David v
There are some back flash arrestor check valves that work ok and you can plug them into vinyl tube if that is what you mean.

Did you have some kind of fumes coming from the water?

I had water go brown then eventually, it actually went clear.

My negative tube got a white powder coating and the gas production was amazing.