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Hey Aaron.

Is certainly nice to see this same ignition module working on another small engine.

I have received a replacement module but I have also been dealing with a lot of distractions around here including typical holiday demands, a new roommate and I just had to replace the clutch in step van #2. And I am very grateful the weather was nice for this pain in the tail repair job I performed outdoors last week when I would have preferred doing pretty much anything else. . .

Do you think you will ever be able to work with water or fuel/water hybrid such as water and alcohol?

I think it might be possible to run on pure water or at least a water dominant fuel such as 80% water to 20% alcohol...

I wish you well and happy holidays.

Kindest regards;

Absolutely on the water/alcohol topic - but I need an adjustable carburetor first to know what is going on.