The low resistance coil that allows faster rise time from cap dumps and less energy loss from resistance works great. I'm using the Pertronix Flamethrower III that has 0.3 ohms primary and 7.5k (around that) secondary.

The other day, Paul Babcock turned me on to a coil that is ridiculous and then I found one a bit more ridiculous.

Look at these specs - its absolutely crazy...

Emission Code 3
Inductance .250 mH
Maximum voltage 45,000 Volts
Peak current 2 Amps
Primary resistance .016 OHMs
Secondary resistance 30 OHMs
Spark duration 150 uS
Turns ratio 70:1
Weight 3.75 lbs.

0.016 ohms primary and 30 ohms secondary - 2 amps peak current!!! This is a beast from hell.

What I'm wondering is with the plasma ignition - if the resistance is too low, will it allow too much from the cap to make the spark and not leave enough left over in the cap to jump the gap?

Or will it work out fine. It depends on where the coil charges to before it switches off, which is dependent on the timing of the MSD/CDI unit triggered by the ignition.

This coil is probably overkill, but I'll have to get one and test to see if there is any benefit, but look at those specs!!! That coil can be useful for all kinds of high efficiency hv projects.

It is $205 delivered by Amazon on Prime, but I can't resist getting one and testing it on the Datsun and comparing it to the Pertronix Flamethrower III.

This MSD coil has a male hv terminal so I have to modify my non-resistor coil>distributor cable or custom order one.