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Hi Nuvists,

It can be used with any fuel that is spark ignited in the engine such as gasoline, alcohol, L.P., nitro-methane, ammonia, etc. Walt Jenkins can even burn water with plasma ignition. Check out his web site here. https://www.h2ge.com/
Gary Hammond, your link floored me, I am still dazed after reading the site. Caught me with my pants down. Today is not April 1st, right?

I thought that anybody who could make a vehicle run on water will be visited by the MIB. That's a myth, then. WJ will disrupt the oil industry. Q: does Trump know this? Our technology is concentrated on diesel emissions, not only on gasoline engines, thank God, otherwise we'll be in deep s**t. Our invention is still safe, then.

Wow! this forum is truly amazing. Guess, i'll be always online. Nice meeting you online, sir.