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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Murakami View Post

    I've been in contact with Firoz Musthafa for a while and he has done some of the best work with motorcycles that I know of:

    Some of the benefits he experienced:

    cooler temps in exhaust
    no carbon buildup
    extended oil life 400% until it starts to show color change
    reduced oil temp
    put finger on dipstick after 30km drive without burning fingers
    climbing hills in 5th gear

    103km per liter with 150cc motorcycle engine = (390 kilometers per gallon = 242 miles per gallon!)
    50cc can get close to 100mpg, 150cc lower range is about 60 and upper range is 80-90 some claim up to 110.

    There are other mods you can ring about like the Singh grooves.

    On 4/15/2019 12:08 PM, Firoz Musthafa wrote:
    Hi Aaron,

    (edit: I (Aaron) removed this reference to shady characters involved with the plasma ignition scene – you can read about that on Energetic Forum).

    Torque master plugs were the longest to survive plasma (about less than 1000 miles) among the other plugs which he tested.

    He mentioned that even tungsten with plasma was unable to endure anywhere closer to regular plug without plasma

    I think I should be focusing on larger gap and smaller discharge energies to achieve durability of plugs

    Manufacturing custom fire storm plugs are close to impossible since no one in my area does tig welding.


    On Mon, Apr 8, 2019, 12:52 PM Firoz Musthafa wrote:
    Hi Aaron,

    You are free to publish these results, discussion and videos, no problem, I don't mind my name/mail appearing in energy science forum and I am willing to contribute the forum.
    If anyone can benefit with my experiments I will consider it to be a good deed.

    I haven't tried ultrasonic mist yet, I have an ultrasonic fogger which I bought a while back for the same use and I am planning to finish installation this month.

    Steam injection leans out engine because steam is introduced to inlet manifold while vacuum is very high, which is the reason for reduction in rpm. But rpm is stable when plasma and steam is on and engine braking is significantly lower compared to without steam injection. Attached is my steam injection setup
    (There is a hose in inlet manifold
    The vacuum in that hose is so strong that it can suck water, what I did was I routed that hose to heat exchanger copper coil wounded over super hot silencer and that is connected to a hose that can suck water from the water bottle So when engine runs, the engine uses the vacuum to suck water from water bottle through a small regulator (to adjust volume of water) which is connected to copper tube on silencer, so water will enter through regulator and through the hot coil and enter into the inlet manifold and gets mixed with the petrol vapor coming from carburetor )

    I recently came across Torque Masters spark plug, built with stainless steel electrode, they claim it to last a really long time due to higher plug gap, the basic idea they use is the field effect design which Robert Krupa is highlighting in his firestorm spark plug design and surface conductance through the surface of ceramic. I have ordered a set from them to test out its longevity.
    They too have claims similar to firestorm plugs.

    On Mon, Apr 8, 2019, 2:58 AM Aaron Murakami wrote:
    Hi Firoz,
    Thank you for these updates and videos.
    Besides steam, have you tried cold water fog produced from an ultrasonic transducer? If cold, it has a chance to rapidly expand when it gets into the combustion chamber and compressed.
    That's interesting the steam by itself causes a reduction in rpm - perhaps it is displacing too much of the cooler air coming in through the carburetor?
    Would you be open to posting all of this in energy science forum or would you mind if I posted our conversation there? I can remove your name if you want to be anonymous but you should get credit for this work. I can remove the email for sure. Also, do I have your permission to post your two videos on my YouTube channel? I can give you credit by posting your name on a title screen.
    I think you're the only one who has successfully put this on a motorcycle powered by an alternator. As simple as it seems, I don't know anyone who has done that in the last 11 years.
    I agree with the tungsten plug. However, there is a change to the geometry that is required for longevity. Search Robert Krupa - his "Firestorm" plug geometry will make it last a long time. The patents are expired so it is public domain. He showed videos in the past showing large plasma blasts on his plug, however, what he hid from everyone is the fact that he was using a variation of the plasma ignition circuit to do it. He wanted people to believe the effect was from the geometry of the plug, which it is not - that is just for longevity. With that geometry, copper beryllium and other materials could be used.

    This is a wonderful exchange showing what can be accomplished with a number of combustion efficiency additions to a ICE-equipped vehicle operating in concert;
    while this was focused on plasma ignition, there was talk of water vapour/steam injection, manipulating the turbulence of the intake airstream in the manifold, power factor correction applied to offset alternator drain...

    this is where I'm angling to take my daily driver. It all seems to start with plasma/ignition. Already have TorqueMaster plugs and Granatelli wires
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