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Thread: Plasma Ignition | Plasma Jet Ignition

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    Quote Originally Posted by heysoundude View Post
    These are really quite passive-aggressive trolling statements, you realize.
    are plasma and your devices incompatible? Why? What makes you so sure? If you can't disclose your reasons because of Proprietary technology or trademarked patented confidentiality or whatever, you really have to stop talking about it and talk about your plasma implementation on your car.
    I believe that plasma ignition is worth diy'ing on a car. I can't say for sure if it could improve our revo, unless I disable the device/s. The revo has passed euro 4 standards and I could make it better, but, what for? The online circuit could be much different from the circuit of Engr. Aaron. There are no confidentiality clause involved here. Yes, I realized that I became a troll but I was answering queries online. Don't worry, sir, I will notify you of developments by pms, and others, too if requested(when I will be given the permission to make contact with members of this prestigious forum).
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    there is (are?) the Euro 5-6 standard(s), aren't there? why not shoot for meeting and exceeding them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heysoundude View Post
    there is (are?) the Euro 5-6 standard(s), aren't there? why not shoot for meeting and exceeding them?
    "The simplest way to solve a problem is, invariably, the correct one."

    Oooo, a tall order for me. Actually, I have that in mind, months ago. I have several mods to do on the two devices but preferred not to because it involves time and money. I will have to buy a euro 1 car and an emissions/gas analyzer.

    Just when I had succeeded in 'cleaning' two-stroke engines, they changed the rules; they phased-out the Suzuki/Yamaha motorcycles. It would be cheaper if manufacturers continue producing 2 stroke engines instead of the 4 stroke variety. The solution is already here!

    You are right, sir. Since K (light absorption coefficient) is brought down to less than 1% (0.5 - 0.76%) it would be an unsurmountable objective to bring it to almost zero. There would always be losses. Even pure gold/silver is not pure (99.999%).

    We once installed the devices on a chinese made euro 6 compliant car. The best we could do was bring down the K (from 0.11% down to 0.09% Zero emissions is difficult but not impossible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heysoundude View Post
    SMH and facepalm
    the second, i understand. the first i do not. smh = lol? You seem to be the most persistent on this forum. I like your style, sir. One of these days, we could communicate via email?

    Do you know that before the videos, so many negative comments? Perhaps, all of them. Now, there is/are no negative comment, not even one.

    Everybody now understand the principles. Nobody can make it simpler. It's like A-B-C or 1-2-3. Even a high school stude understand how it works based on the basic laws of science. like poles/charges, repel... unlike poles, attract...

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    smh = shake my head
    I believe you have access to my email if you click my username and view my profile. If not, send me a direct message and I'll provide it to you privately

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