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Thread: George Lakhowsky MWO

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
    Nice work. You got to test these out. Last night I jumped on the electrifier kept me up late but wow does that feel good, clears my sinus,makes me more relaxed to finally sleep Sooooooooo deeply.
    I would like to know how it makes YOU feel someday.
    Hi Mike,
    Which electrifier you're referring to? I had good results with Brain Tuner, which did improve my sleep pattern. I don't have EEG made yet but suspect that it did stimulate Theta band and allowed for more efficient use of rest period.
    Our sleep period may consist of shallow or deep phases. This shallow, pre sleep period can be also termed as day dreaming or almost awake drowsiness and is associated with Alpha waves in range between 8-12 cycles per second. While being relaxing state, it doesn't create the effect of full rejuvenation, as deep phase - REM. That's the phase when we're dreaming and it is associated with Theta waves in range between 4-8 cps. Delta waves - 1-4 cps are characteristic of deep, dreamless sleep.
    Watching TV, PC or exposure to blue light spectrum can delay that most beneficial deep phase due to melatonin. Also, stress can contribute to such delay or lack of deep sleep. If I may use an analogy to stirred large body of water, such as bathtub and the time needed to calm it down...
    This can be experienced as feeling of being awake all night or frequent waking up. The result manifests as tiredness in the morning, lack of energy during the day and it may lead to some health issues if such pattern persists over longer period of time. We need to fully recharge our internal batteries and "surface charge" will not suffice. Any imbalance will eventually lead to deterioration of our health.


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    This is a short YT update of my first MWO which I was working on for the last couple months - Multiwave Oscillator - YouTube


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    hello ..i seen your bob beck brain tuner and it is impressive i wanted to ask if by chance do you have any boards available or a pic or layout or place to purchase...thank you


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