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Thread: George Lakhowsky MWO

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    Thanks Tom, will try first before buying it. I have read about and it suppose to be good program. Just hope the interface is "older user" friendly.


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    Good source for plasma tubes designed for Rife as well as Lakhovsky MWO - Bill's Plasma Tubes Gallery


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    Quote Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
    I'll try to get them done either in FR4 or HF suitable material (Teflon). If there is any interest I can run couple more. Will update details soon. Not sure yet if I can do 16 or 12 inch only.
    I would be interested as I do not have an ability to do any large size etching in my current environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amigo View Post
    I would be interested as I do not have an ability to do any large size etching in my current environment.
    No problem. I'll let you know when they become available as well as cost.


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    I got an estimate for those antennas. They'll be etched on FR4 2oz copper and gold plated (immersion process) as per original design by Eric Dollard. They are 12" diameter two layer pcb's. Low volume (10 pcs) batch costs $120 per board.
    I would take $20 from each board and forward to Eric as a token of my gratitude for what he is doing.


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    I finally started working on this project (my gratitude to Algorythm for motivating and help ). Here are few shots from the very beginning -

    MWO Secondary frequency test.jpgWinding MWO secondary.jpgMWO coil.jpgSG 1.65mm.jpgMWO Coil varnished.jpg

    More to follow

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    A log periodic antennas designed by Eric Dollard. They're based on Golden Ratio which can be found in living systems - plants, animals and humans. They're two sided where second side being capacitive loading. This is similar to spheres used by Lakhovsky on the end of antenna rings. They're gold plated, 12" in diameter. The term Golden Mean, Ratio or Section refers to the mathematics of life, which is logarithmic function and can be found everywhere in nature. Also being referred to as Sacred Geometry and been discovered by Wilhelm Reich to be the basic mathematical property of Orgone energy.
    Log periodic antennas are capable of creating a virtual but functioning antenna which extends up to 4 times the actual one.
    They're frequency independent and an excellent for HAM communication.
    Pictures below are the actual antennas (just got them made) which I'm planning to use with my MWO.


    MWO antenna front.jpgMWO antenna rear.jpg
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    This is my temporary setup. On the lower shelf behind the variac sits 470W 15,000V NST but I'm running now at 10-15VAC from the variac and SG set at 0.6mm.


    outer ring.jpg MWO temporary setup.jpg

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    Interesting research site -

    and EU manufacturer of MWO systems -,1/lang,en/
    If you take a look at their printplate antennas and compare with the floor design labyrinth below you'll find interesting similarities. This design can be also found embedded in the structures built by ancient civilizations. Was this purely decorative motive or they knew more about waves and vibrations than we do


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    I've got another interesting link today from Bill Cheb - manufacturer of plasma tubes - DNA Pathogen Frequencies

    With MWO we can possibly eliminate the need of painstaking tuning into particular frequencies. Main coil (bipolar TC) resonating at 1MHz will generate harmonics which should cover most of molecular resonant frequencies. Antennas being fed at outer ring, which is the longest wavelength will excite the smaller rings resulting in infinite (or pretty close) frequencies up in high MHz or even GHz range. I'm planning to add Phanotron plasma tube to my device later, when my budget allows and test on bacterial cultures. It is time to compose an epitaph for pathogens or as Anthony Holland says - a symphony, which will leave the audience stunned to death.

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