Hello to everybody,

I would need some adivse/help with my Bedini SG build.
28" aluminium bicycle wheel
18 - ceramic c8 magnets from teslagenx on wheel
7x20AWG+1x23AWG 130' -- prewound coil from teslagenx
7 - MHl21194g bought from https://www.tme.eu/ro/details/mjl211...semiconductor/
7 - Neon-2 bought from https://www.tme.eu/ro/details/neon-2.../brightmaster/
14 - 1n4007 diodes bought from https://www.tme.eu/ro/details/1n4007...semiconductor/
7 - 100ohm 1watt resistors bought from https://www.tme.eu/ro/details/1w-100...f01sff1000a10/
1 - 12ohm 10watt resistor
1 - 1kohm 1watt potentiometer
magnet -> coil distance - 7-8mm

My initial issue was that the neon lights didn't light up all at the same time and with same intensity. Some of them were bright white/purple, some of them were very dimmly lit orange. This was solved by adjusting the potentiometer value and now all neons light up at the same time with same orange intensity (approximately -- eye test).
I now think that something else is wrong with the device.
It draws approx 120mA at about 90 RPMs. I was expecting to draw close if not over 1A at around 300RPMs.
Another thing to mention is from post 30 from: http://www.energyscienceforum.com/sh...ll=1#post31710
"When you connect power to the "run" battery nothing should happen. If the neons light up at this point then the trigger is backwards. If nothing happens then it is as it should be."

I connected the input power to the device (with no output battery connected) and the neon lights did lit up for a brief moment. I though then I connected the trigger wires wrong so I reversed them, but the device won't turn on at all then.
Attached pictures of the device. 2019-11-22 14.26.11.jpg2019-11-22 14.26.01.jpg2019-11-22 14.25.39.jpg2019-11-22 14.25.12.jpg2019-11-22 14.25.02.jpg
Thank you