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Thread: Help setting up Bedini SG properly.

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    u could very well be right. what is the resistance of the coil you have? meaning if u put an ohm meter across one of the power windings what do u get?

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    Hi Joster,

    I get 1.4 - 1.5 ohm for each power winding and 3 ohm for the trigger...seems good to me..

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    Hi daucupace,

    In studying your photos it looks like you may have some bad solder joints, especially on the base resistors. Use a good heat sink on each component and reheat all your solder joints to make sure you don't have any cold joints. Some appear to have too much solder and others not enough.

    I noticed in your video very uneven and random lighting of the neons. As others have said, you need to avoid running without a secondary battery attached, but when any of the neons do light up they should all light at the same time with equal intensity and color. Your transistors and/or base resistors are either badly matched or faulty to cause this. Poor solder joints can also cause this.

    Your Teslagenx coil is not the problem. The power windings are 1.319 ohms each and the trigger winding is 2.647 ohms. I suspect that your ohmmeter is not exactly accurate at these low values. I have 4 different meters and they all give me a slightly different reading at these low values.

    One other thing that can greatly affect RPM and current draw is good wheel balance and low bearing friction. A well balanced wheel with good bearings should have a run down time of at least 10 minutes.
    Gary Hammond,

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    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for the reply. I rechecked and did reheat some solder joints but I think they were already soldered good in the first place...,some of the solder can not be seen because it flowed under the solder joint which cannot be seen from the pictures... the legs of the resistors and diodes are swirled around to get better/more contact, the ends of all coil wires are cleaned and soldered before soldering them further.
    I uploaded some close up pictures for better view of the new solder joints, if you see something wrong please let me know. It did not change the low current draw.
    The uneven and random lighting was solved by changing the potentiometer value. I used the instructions from the book to find matches (out of 40 cheap chinese ones and 14 not so cheap ones) . They were matched with approximate value as best as I could with the ones I got. I understand that you need more than just the instructions from the book to really get matched transistors... They could be badly matched from the start by me but I doubt they were bad in the first place...I did get the same similar low current draw with all the transistors. I don't think it's the coil either. I can get also 2 different readings from my 2 different meters... .
    The wheel is balanced and some light oil was put in the bearings. It has a run down time of 10 minutes.
    Thank you

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