Hello to all,

Below is a quick first part of my review of the 2019 Energy Conference and, in essence, this conference certainly pulled together a plethora of well prepared seminars that focused in the first part primarily on Well being and the second on the Aether (Ether) and Longitudinal waves.

I will detail more as I can recollect later on, but the information that was presented on the above was certainly a major step forward in raising the technical and mathematical level of the somewhat abstract concept of the Ether and its relevance.

The demonstration of Tesla's wireless power transmitter (Scale model of Tesla's Colorado Springs work) by Eric Dollard was truly a mind blowing event that clearly demonstrated several of Tesla's relevant concepts. I view this modern day demonstration as a historic event that demonstrates Tesla's genius. Wicked! There will be videos of this that will surface shortly for sure. Many of the 100+ demo attendees were a bit ignorant of the major implications and long term impact of this demonstration.

Furthermore, the technical presentations by Prof. Robert Haralick on the hidden aspects of Maxwell 's equations and the Geometric Algebra by Dr. Jack Hanlon placed the Ether concept on a much firmer mathematical footing. Controversial for sure, but very relevant and enlightening.

There is much more to write about, but this guy is a bit fried mentally and physically from the two day return odyssey plagued by missed flights, delays, bad weather and the full moon lunar eclipse - total madness during the return to Vermont. Expect my luggage to arrive in the next day or two.

On another very positive note the early morning QiJong exercise sessions conducted by Dr. Nadia certainly pumped up and smoothed out the energy flows for this writer - awesome!

To close out for today, well I certainly love the very positive energy and ideas that are created by this conference, and this will hold me over for the next 6 to 8 months

I encourage any or all 2019 ESTC attendees to comment or link to videos or pics. It is Okay to expose yourself to the outside world on occasion - be fearless and express yourself. Spread the word...

Yaro Stanchak