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thank you for the advice,

I got the bedini motor to start working. How do I measure the current coming out of the power battery and current into the charged battery.
Also a phenomenon I noticed is that the voltage of the battery being charged decreases when using the bedini motor. Can anyone explain why is that happening?
There is no need to measure the current from the Energizer to the charge battery, you can only monitor the primary battery current (a Ammeter in series connected) (ideally at C20 rate of the primary battery or less like say if your primary battery is 15 AH then a primary draw of 0.75A) and yes your charge battery can be an identical battery (15AH)
The Reason why you see the secondary battery Voltage reducing while on charge is possibly due to fact that your battery is sulfated and the Energiser is servo-acting to reduce its internal impedance. it will initially drop and then start to climb again once the impedance is reduced and then stabilize at one point.