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Dane, Gary have you experimented with HHO?

The local technical college I was a part time teacher I guess youd call it bought one of the diy setups online. We installed it on a 88 buick 3.8. I dont have the info in front of me... We put something like 80 miles on the car for before\after tests. The car surprisingly ran a lot worse with this particular HHO setup. Im my opinion a lot of it had to due with the kit we used I will try to dig that info up later today and give you specifics on what kit we used and the results.

The hho gas seemed to reak havoc withe the map sensor. I have a lot info on hho setups and do plan to build my own to test on both older cars and computer controlled vehicles. The set up would have worked better if I was able to modify the map sensor and computer prom. The owner of the car was unwilling to take it that far.